Z-Cushion Beechwood Chair - Mr Nanyang
Z-Cushion Beechwood Chair - Mr Nanyang

Z-Cushion Beechwood Chair

Mr Nanyang
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This Z-Cushion Beechwood Chair is a chair for every person who loves to drink coffee while reading or relaxing in the morning; sitting will be classy and stylish. Pair yourself every morning with a good sitting companion. 

This chair’s design goes well with your minimalistic dream for furniture that suits your dining tables or office desks. It brings the modern setting to every corner. 

Because the chair's cushion material is from soft fabric it's good for longer comfortable and relaxing setting. The backrest also supports posture because of the cushion. The chair is from Beechwood so it can replenish and sustain itself on its own and has high abrasion resistance. Beechwood is odorless, has a clean visual surface, and is easy to maintain. It has a sturdy frame and legs. 

The chair is ideal also as an office chair for the conference room and is a good staple in restaurants. Ideal for use as a Dining chair, Office chair (conference room), and Restaurant chair. 

An excellent chair to bring convenience and style for gatherings, meetings, and self-use because of its simple style.

Product specifications:

  • Height - 45cm, when seated the measurement is 42-43cm. 
  • Available in three colors - Wood, Walnut, and White 

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