Choosing a Study Table Online-Singapore


Distance learning and remote work have started to become common since the start of 2020, and when the concept was new, not all of us were ready for it. For months or even years, many of us improvised home offices or study spaces. We set up the materials we needed in our kitchens or on bedroom tables. This is the main reason Choosing a Study Table Online-Singapore is crucial. 

Improvising worked for a short period of time, but as we all got used to performing work and study sessions at home. The glaring disadvantages of this setup became painfully obvious.

Work and study spaces need to be designed for those specific purposes. We need designated areas in our homes that are comfortable enough to foster concentration and enable productive work.

Whether you have limited space in your home or a designated home office, the right desk or study table can make a world of difference. It affects your efficiency and productivity. If you’re looking for a desk that meets all the needs of your home office or study space in Singapore, we’re here to help.

Follow this guide so that you have all the information you need in Choosing a Study Table Online-Singapore.

Study Tables in Singapore

Study Table

Buying a study table in Singapore can be overwhelming because there are plenty of stores to browse. Furthermore, materials to consider, and size options to choose from.

When shopping for a new desk or study table, choosing a furniture store in Singapore is a good place to start. Shipping desks to the island from overseas can be expensive. If you have a budget in mind, shopping locally is ideal.

For online shopping, it’s also a good idea to find stores that offer reasonable shipping rates. For example, some online stores offer free shipping on purchases that pass a certain price threshold. Mr Nanyang is one such online furniture store, offering free shipping on purchases that total more than S$100.

Now that we’ve covered store locations and shipping rates, several additional factors will play a role in helping you come to a decision when shopping for a new study table.

Deciding Factors to Consider in choosing a study table:

Choosing the right study table for your home or office isn’t the easiest thing to do. Choosing the wrong product can leave you feeling uncomfortable, unproductive, and regretting the purchase you made.

On the other hand, securing a desk that meets your needs can improve your efficiency. Moreover, keep you comfortable throughout a long project, and enhance the aesthetics of your office space.

To determine whether a specific study table is the right choice for you (or your children), you’ll need to think about more than appearances. A lovely piece of furniture, while eye-catching, isn’t always going to make sense functionally. Instead of basing your decision on whether a study table looks nice, it’s crucial to think about the type of work you’re planning to use the piece. Also, the material the desk is made from, and several other key points.

Let’s go over a few factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a new study table in Singapore.

Space Availability

One of the most important things to consider when Choosing Study Table Online-Singapore is the area you’ve designated for it. The room you plan to house your desk in obviously needs to be large enough to accommodate the structure, but that’s not the end of it. Just because a desk will technically fit into the space you’ve allotted doesn’t mean it fits in a functional way.

Consider the placement of doors and windows when you’re planning to set up a desk in your home. For example, if a larger desk will only leave a small amount of space between your chair and the door, you might end up feeling quite cramped as you study. Additionally, if a standard-sized desk will only fit along a wall that exposes you to constant window glare. Thus, you might want to consider a smaller table.

Make sure that when you choose the desk you want, the dimensions adequately fit your room. You also need to leave enough space to move around when you’re not sitting down.

Budget for the Study Table

Though you’ll need to buy a desk you can reasonably afford, looking for the cheapest option isn’t often the best decision. An affordable study table is great, especially when you have a limited budget. However, suspiciously cheap office furniture will likely be a low-quality purchase.

A desk that has drawers that stick, uneven legs that cause the surface to wobble, and splintered or cracked finishes that poke skin or tear papers won’t be worth the price. With that sort of quality, all you have essentially is a broken desk.

When  Choosing Study Table Online-Singapore whether the price is fair, take the following components into account: 

  • The table’s dimensions: larger pieces of furniture tend to cost more than smaller pieces
  • The material: solid wood desks are going to be more expensive than pressed wood desks with laminate surfaces
  • The quality: a desk that’s well-built using high-quality materials will likely cost more than cheaply manufactured furniture
  • The design: design might factor into the price of the item to a small degree, as an ergonomic design is usually in higher demand and may be a bit more costly than a lackluster form
  • Shipping costs: if the desk is being shipped from a furniture store, you may or may not have to pay additional fees

Consider each of the above elements in order to determine whether you’re getting a fair price for the study table you’ve got your eye on.

Buying a desk that’s within your price range is a must for obvious reasons, but before deciding on the item you can afford, take a look at the factors that influence the product’s price range. Comparing the price of the item you want with similar pieces can also help you determine whether you’re paying a reasonable price for your new study table.

Office Style

If you already have a planned home office or study area, you’ll want to choose a study table that matches your space's existing style (unless you’re going to redecorate in the near future).

For example, you might have a minimalist office area already designed, or a modern and high-tech space. You may want a home office or study that looks and feels cozy and inviting. A neat and traditional setup. Whether you’re going for an industrial motif or one that reminds you of dark academia, the desk you purchase should match the vision you have in mind.

Solid wood desks come in several colors and styles, so you’ll find a selection of different wood stains, desk shapes, and extra elements that fit the look you want.

Desk Storage Capacity

A good desk will not only provide you with a comfortable study or work area, but it will also help you create a neat and organized workspace. If you need storage included a desk with drawers or a desk with shelves is worth considering.

A drawer or set of drawers makes it easy to stow all of the study or work materials you’re not currently using. This helps keep your work surface clean. Eliminating clutter helps to improve concentration and having a designated place for everything in your office or study room. Organizatio helps prevent misplacing or losing important items.

If you’re looking for a study table for kids, one with a built-in bookshelf will allow your children to store schoolbooks. Other reading materials in a designated area is a way to keep it clean. This way, nothing becomes damaged or lost like it would if it was kept in a backpack or random corner of a bedroom.

Space availability comes up again when choosing a desk with storage. Determine whether you want your storage spaces to be vertical or horizontal before you purchase a study table. If you have a wide room with low ceilings, horizontal storage is best. If you have a narrow space with high ceilings, opt for vertical storage.


The function or functions your new study table will serve should factor into the product you choose.

If you work from home and plan to spend countless hours using this piece of office furniture, it’s important to choose a work surface that meets your precise needs. You might want a desk with a built-in riser to elevate your monitor. Doing so helps prevent slouching, neck and back pain, and eye strain.

If you’re an artist and you need a wide, flat space to work on, a traditional writing desk might be ideal. Writing desks are designed with a single levelled surface, and they may or may not have storage available underneath.

Maybe you have a work or study partner in your home and the two of you need a designated work area. Instead of buying two desks and sacrificing twice the amount of space, a conference table that accommodates two chairs could work for you.

Setting up a workspace for your child or children to do their homework should serve that function as well. A child study table might need shelf storage, drawers, or both. Furthermore, children’s desks should create easy accessibility for them. It must  allow them to reach all of the materials they need for the tasks at hand.

Store Reputation and Security

On top of all the factors you need to consider when shopping for a desk or study table online, the reputation of the furniture stores you’re planning to buy from should be examined.

Shopping online can be tricky, as some furniture sellers use misleading tactics in order to make sales. They might post enhanced photos of the product they’re offering to make it appear more high-quality than it is. They might offer attention-grabbing low prices so that they can sell products that aren’t worth the cost.

While both of those examples are disappointing, the possibilities get worse. Some online scams disguise themselves as furniture stores.  They can offer deals that are too good to be true. Moreover, only to take a customer’s money without ever delivering the purchased product. In other cases, scammers will not only take the sum of the purchase but will also steal the customer’s credit card information.

To avoid these pitfalls, ensure you’re shopping at a reputable online furniture store. Before making a purchase,

  • look for the shop’s contact information: even online stores will have a phone number or a messaging center
  • check the shop’s social media pages
  • find the website’s privacy policy: if no privacy policy exists, consider shopping elsewhere
  • find the website’s refund or return policy
  • confirm that the shop accepts several forms of payment. Shops that accept most major cards and payment types are usually reliable
  • look for the security lock icon by the shop’s URL

In addition to verifying the website’s validity, some stores post customer reviews on their pages. Not seeing reviews on the shop’s website isn’t a cause for concern, though, as plenty of stores don’t post reviews. Looking on Google Business listings for reviews and business information is worth trying if you’re curious. Companies with four or more stars usually have great reputations. Mr Nanyang’s reviews on the store’s Google Business listing have earned 4.4 stars out of 5. Our website is secure, and we accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal and Google Pay. Additionally, we have a clear privacy policy, terms of use listed, and a 10-day return policy. Our store’s online reputation is stellar.

If you’re Choosing Study Table Online-Singapore, consider shopping with Mr Nanyang. Our solid wood desks and study tables are eco-friendly, and fit into a variety of spaces. It also comes in several colours and styles. Anything you choose will be the perfect addition to your home office or study area.