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Our Office Metal Cabinet and Locker : The Ultimate Steel Storage Solutions.

In the modern corporate landscape, offices are not just about desks and chairs—it's about creating an environment that breeds security and style. Enter our collection of Office Metal Cabinet and Locker—an amalgamation of form and function designed for today's fast-paced workspaces, particularly in bustling hubs like Singapore.

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  • ZenSpace Minimal Office Metal Cabinet
    ZenSpace Minimal Office Metal Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • UrbanElite Dual-Door Steel Office Cabinet
    UrbanElite Dual-Door Steel Office Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • LuxeLine Modular Metal Office Cabinet
    LuxeLine Modular Metal Office Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • Durable Half-Height Steel-Glass Sliding Door Cabinet
    Durable Half-Height Steel-Glass Sliding Door Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • Half-height Steel Cabinet with Swing Door
    Half-height Steel Cabinet with Swing Door - Mr Nanyang
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  • Sleek Metal and Glass Cabinet with Swing Door
    Sleek Metal and Glass Cabinet with Swing Door - Mr Nanyang
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  • Metal Office Storage Cabinet
    Metal Office  Storage Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • OfficeNest DeskFile Mobile Pedestal
    OfficeNest DeskFile Mobile Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
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  • OfficeFlex Compact Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet
    OfficeFlex Compact Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
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  • WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal
    WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
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Elevate Your Office with Our Office Metal Cabinet and Locker

At the heart of our collection is the Metal Cabinet, a versatile storage solution that complements any office design. Whether you want a minimalistic approach or a bold statement piece, our metal cabinets are tailored to suit varied tastes.

In addition, these are meticulously crafted. These filing cabinets are not just an alternative to the popular IKEA metal cabinet but are a step ahead in design and durability.

Unparalleled Mobility with the Pedestal

Modern workspaces are dynamic, requiring flexibility and movement. Our mobile pedestal is the answer to this evolving need. Designed for ease and convenience, these pedestals are perfect for those who are always on the move within the office. Whether you're shifting between cabins, meeting rooms, or workstations, the mobile pedestal ensures your essential documents and tools move with you.

Security Meets Style: The Locker Range

For offices where security is paramount, our collection boasts a range of lockers. These aren’t just ordinary lockers; they blend robust security features and sleek design. Moreover, be it for safeguarding personal belongings or securing confidential files, these lockers promise peace of mind wrapped in elegance.

Why Choose Our Office Metal Cabinet and Locker

Steel, as a material, offers unparalleled advantages:

Durability: Our steel cabinet range is built to withstand the test of time. It's resistant to wear and tear, thus ensuring your investment is long-lasting.

Maintenance: Unlike wooden counterparts, steel cabinets are easier to clean and maintain, making them a favorite for busy offices.

Eco-Friendly: Steel is recyclable, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable choices.

Incorporating the Collection into Your Office

Our collection seamlessly blends with various office themes. The monochromatic palette of the Metal Storage Cabinet is perfect for modern minimalist office designs, while the Metal Filing Cabinet can be a statement piece in a more traditional setup. The lockers, with their compact design, can be integrated into employee lounges or individual cabins.

The Singapore Edge

Singapore, with its blend of tradition and modernity, has a unique office culture. Our metal cabinet Singapore range is tailored to cater to this unique blend. Whether it's a startup in a co-working space or a multinational corporation's headquarters, our collection resonates with Singapore's dynamic corporate ethos.

Commitment to Convenience

We understand the challenges of setting up or revamping an office space. To alleviate these concerns, we offer free delivery and free assembly for our entire collection. Our trained professionals ensure that your chosen pieces are not just delivered but also set up to fit perfectly into your workspace.


Choosing the right storage solution for your office is crucial. It's not just about stowing away files or personal things—it's about creating a space where functionality meets style. In addition, our collection of Office Metal Cabinet, Pedestal, and Locker is designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of modern workspaces. 

Invest in a collection that ensures durability, style, and functionality. Elevate your office environment with our range, and witness a change that echoes professionalism and elegance. When it comes to metal storage solutions, make a choice that stands out—choose our meticulously crafted collection for your workspace.

A Designer’s Guide to Choosing Office Metal Cabinets, Lockers, and Pedestals for Modern Workspaces

In contemporary office designs, every piece of furniture, including storage solutions like metal cabinets, lockers, and pedestals, plays a pivotal role in enhancing aesthetics and utility. Here's a comprehensive guide for designers to seamlessly integrate these elements into the modern office style:

Before diving into selections, it's essential to understand the overarching theme of the office. Is it industrial, minimalist, contemporary, or a blend of styles?

Metal Cabinet Singapore Inspiration: In bustling business hubs like Singapore, we often see a mix of traditional and modern. Furthermore, a sleek metal office cabinet can fit into such environments, bridging the gap between the old and new.

Determine the primary purpose of the storage solution:

Metal Filing Cabinet: Best for document-heavy offices requiring organized storage.

Locker: Ideal for personal storage not only in shared office spaces but also in schools. 

Pedestal: Perfect for dynamic spaces where mobility and compact storage are crucial.

Modern offices often follow a monochromatic or neutral color palette.

All-White or All-Black: These choices are timeless and can blend with almost any office theme. They're especially suitable for minimalist or Scandinavian designs.

Black Frame with White Door: This offers a touch of contrast, working well in contemporary or industrial settings.

While aesthetics are essential, functionality is paramount.

Lockable Filing Cabinet: If the office handles sensitive documents. Therefore, a metal cabinet with locking mechanisms is a must.

Mobile Pedestal: For dynamic office spaces, a cabinet with wheels offers flexibility.

Ensure that the metal storage cabinet locker you select is proportional to the room size and other furnishings.

Half-height cabinet: Works well in smaller spaces or rooms where you don’t want the furniture to overpower.

Steel offers durability, eco-friendliness, and ease of maintenance. Moreover, the polished finish of a steel cabinet or steel file cabinet can elevate the overall design ethos of a modern office.

Consider how the metal cabinet, locker, or pedestal will interact with other office furniture:

Place the office storage cabinet adjacent to wooden elements; therefore will create a balance between warm wood tones and the sleek coolness of metal.

For a cohesive look, match the handles of the cabinets and pedestals with hardware used in other office furnishings.

Ensure that the placement of your filing cabinets or lockers doesn't obstruct office pathways. They should complement not only the flow but also not hinder movement. In addition, you must make sure that it has easy access for everyone. 

Customizable options, like adjustable shelves in a metal office cabinet. Furthermore, it can cater to specific storage needs and allow flexibility in rearrangements. This feature ensures that you can have the space that you need, regardless of the height. 

Select from providers offering free delivery and free assembly. It's essential for large-scale projects or tight timelines. Free Delivery and assembly is a good service that a company can provide. It ensures that all items are properly installed. It is also less troublesome for you and your company, not to mention that it is not costly at all.

While places like IKEA offer popular solutions like the IKEA metal cabinet, explore other providers and designs, especially local options in places like Singapore, to discover unique pieces that can elevate the office space.

In summary

Incorporating metal cabinets, lockers, and pedestals into modern office designs requires a keen eye for detail and an understanding of both aesthetics and functionality. By following this guide, designers can ensure a harmonious blend of storage solutions with other office furniture, creating environments that are both stylish and efficient. Whether you're drawing inspiration from bustling hubs like Singapore or minimalist Scandinavian designs, the key lies in balance and purposeful integration.

Decorating Around Metal Cabinets and Lockers: A Reference Guide for a Fresh Office Aesthetic

Metal cabinets and lockers are often seen as functional storage solutions, but they can also serve as a blank canvas for decorators looking to add life and vibrancy to office spaces. By incorporating houseplants and other decorative elements, you can elevate the appearance of these pieces and seamlessly integrate them into your workspace. Here's a detailed guide to help you make the most of your metal storage solutions:

Before we delve into configurations, it's essential to understand the visual weight of metal. Metal cabinets, particularly those in trendy hubs like Metal Cabinet Singapore, exude a sleek and industrial appeal. Therefore, when pairing them with decorations, look for contrasts. The material is very important because it allows you to come up with a good pair for your other office furniture. 

Tall Plants: Place tall potted plants like snake plants or fiddle leaf figs on top of lockers or tall metal storage cabinets. Additionally, their height and greenery can create a fresh visual break in office spaces.

Tabletop Decor: Consider adding a decorative tray with a mix of smaller succulents, decorative stones, and candles.

The top or surface of the cabinet is a safe place to put plants especially for the medium size. Plaque and other decorations are also welcome to put on the surface. 

Floor Plants: Plants like monstera or rubber plants beside a metal office cabinet can. Thus, it can create a harmonious blend of nature and industrial design.

Artwork: Lean framed artwork or prints against the side of the cabinet for an informal touch. Paintings are generally pleasing to the eye and hold significant value, not just visuals but great inspirations. 

Low-light Plants: If your metal filing cabinet or locker is elevated, use the space beneath for low-light plants like ZZ plants or pothos, which thrive in shaded areas.

Some books can also be stored under the cabinets for displaying purposes. Items that are not for daily usage can be placed in this area. 

Magnetic Pots: Small magnetic planters with air plants or succulents can be attached to the front of metal lockers. They not only beautify the space but also introduce a touch of nature to the environment.

Memo pads and notes are also perfect to use in the front of the locker or cabinet. Its neat appearance makes it great for post-it and magnets. 

Hanging Plants: Above a half-height metal cabinet, utilize wall-mounted planters or macrame hangers. In addition, use dangle plants like spider plants or trailing ivy.

Art Installations: Metal wall art or wooden decorative elements can be juxtaposed against the sleek metal surface for a contrasting effect.

Runners & Mats: Add a colorful or textured runner to longer metal office cabinets. This not only protects the cabinet surface but also introduces a splash of color. 

Colorful Mats and rugs can pair with any cabinet. They come in different colors that will surely bring out the good looks of the cabinet. 

Lighting: String lights or under-cabinet LED strips can illuminate the space around metal cabinets and create warmth,.

For personal lockers or individual cabinets:

Photos & Magnets: Use magnets to attach personal photos, notes, or other decorative elements.

Most staff get their inspiration from personal photos. Let them have the freedom to design their lockers. It will inspire and lead them to a much better working attitude. 

Ensure that any decorative items don't hinder the accessibility or function of the filing cabinets or lockers. Furthermore, displays should enhance the usability.

Rotate designs based on seasons. Fresh spring blooms, autumn foliage, or winter-themed decorations can refresh the look around your metal office cabinet throughout the year.

The clean surface of the cabinet makes it easy to design. Seasons do change, and the cabinet can also go with it. 

In closing

Decorating around and on metal cabinets and lockers can breathe life into a functional workspace. By incorporating houseplants and complementary decor, you can create an environment that's as aesthetically pleasing as practical. Whether you're inspired by the sleek designs from Metal Cabinet Singapore or the lush greenery of indoor plants, a harmonious blend is easy to achieve with good plan and creativity.