Delivery, Installation and Assembly

Delivery, installation and assembly is a feature that we want to prioritize. We want to provide a service that will give customers confidence in the safety of their purchases.

We have some guidelines to prevent future delays or misunderstandings.

  1. We only ship locally in Singapore. There are no OVERSEAS shipments at the moment.
  2. Delivery address must have full details and accurate. Additional revisit, there will be additional charges of SGD30 per trip.
  3.  Indicate the receiver mobile/phone number so that we can directly liaise with them if there is a shipment delay or some other shipping related issues.
  4. Even when agreeing with a firm delivery time, we can request for a reasonable extension of the delivery time, should we be in delay due to traffic conditions, weather, and unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Mr Nanyang will not be reliable for items that are unable to fit into the lift/premises. In cases like this, delivery will be marked as completed once delivered to the reachable area of customer's address.
  6. Mr Nanyang reserves the rights to decide if the items are  safe for transporting up the stairs/surrounding. 
  7. Delivery will be 4-5 weeks upon full payment 
  8. Delay in shipment will require additional 7 - 10 days 
  9. During festive season, delivery might take up to 7 weeks. For peak periods like Christmas and Chinese New Year


    1. An additional rate from S$20.00 onwards will apply if there is no lift access/items that can’t fit in the lift/additional manpower required for carrying bulky and heavy items.
    2. Shipments may be delayed due to cargo shipment schedule changes and port congestions. Our staff will be in contact with you should a delay occur.
    3. Free delivery for purchases above SGD100
    4. A surcharge from S$30.00 onwards will be imposed for each re-direction of an order.
    5. In the event that the order is cancelled after delivery has been attempted, the full price will still be payable.


  1. There will be charges for stairs delivery.
  2. Customers’ must ensure that the items can be delivered thru the stairs to avoid inconvenience.
  3. The salesperson will need to inform customers that there will be additional charges for delivery via stairs.
  4. Mr Nanyang reserves the right to deem if the items are safe to deliver via stairs.
  5. If items need to be delivered via stairs without prior notice, Mr Nanyang reserves the right to deliver the items only to the reachable destination before the stairs.
  6. Charges are to be computed depending on the item and the number of floors. 

Here are more other thigs to remember for Delivery, installation and assembly.


All items will have free installation. For large items, installation will be on-site; for small items such as benches, study desks and chairs we can deliver them assembled unless the customer requests on-site assembly.