Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Compact Office Filing Cabinet - Mr Nanyang

Compact Office Filing Cabinet

Mr Nanyang
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Introducing the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet', the quintessential piece for your office storage needs

Engineered with precision and designed with modern aesthetics in mind. This filing cabinet is not just a piece of furniture; it's also a versatile solution that meets the diverse storage demands of today's dynamic office environments in Singapore.

Durability Meets Design:

Crafted from superior E1 Grade melamine laminated chipboard, the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' stands the test of time. Consequently, it resists daily wear and tear with ease. Likewise, its anti-scratch and heat-resistant surface maintain a sleek, new look even after years of use.

Moreover, the sturdy 25mm top panel and shelf feature a refined 2mm PVC edge banding. Thus, it offers both resilience and a smooth, polished edge that prevents snagging or chipping.

Compact Office Filing Cabinet

Sophisticated Simplicity:

With its minimalist design, the cabinet seamlessly blends into any office decor. From the contemporary Singaporean startup to the more traditional corporate settings. In addition, the 16mm thick sides, modestly adorned with a 1.5mm PVC edge banding, ensure stability without compromising on design.

Optimal Organization:

The 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' makes organization effortless. The open shelf design invites you to curate your space with everything from hefty binders to cherished memorabilia. Thereupon, it ensures that everything you need is within reach. Additionally, you can adjust the shelf to suit your storage needs, making your space more personalized.

Tailored to Singapore's Offices:

Understanding the spatial challenges of Singapore's diverse office landscapes. Therefore, its dimensions of 800mm in width, 400mm in depth, and 750mm in height provide ample storage without overwhelming your office space.


Seamless Experience with Free Delivery and Assembly:

Purchasing the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' is just the beginning of a hassle-free experience. With free delivery across Singapore, we ensure that your office cabinet arrives at your doorstep at no additional cost. Moreover, our professional assembly service ensures that your new filing cabinet is set up in your office quickly and efficiently. Ready for use without the need for tools or tiresome instructions.

A Smart Investment for Smart Professionals:

Investing in the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' is a decision that pays off in the long term. Not only does it provide a secure place to store your valuable documents. But it also offers a touch of elegance to your workspace. Ideal for the busy Singapore office environment, it meets the high standards required for modern business operations.

Shop with Confidence:

Join the multitude of satisfied customers in Singapore who have chosen the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' for their office storage solutions. Above all, experience the blend of functionality, style, and durability that has made this filing cabinet a popular choice in the local market.

As you consider adding the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' to your office environment, know that you are selecting a piece that embodies quality, practicality, and style. Order yours today and transform your office storage into an organized, efficient, and elegant space.

Compact Office Filing Cabinet


The 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' is a versatile storage solution that seamlessly integrates into a variety of settings. Therefore, it makes it an ideal choice for those in Singapore seeking a mix of style and functionality.

  1. For the Home Office: In the evolving work-from-home culture, the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' offers an efficient way to organize your workspace. It fits comfortably in Singapore's often compact living spaces. It provides a dedicated spot for storing work documents, stationery, and personal items. The open shelf can be adorned with inspirational books or plants, fostering a peaceful work environment.
  2. In Corporate Offices: For traditional office settings, this office cabinet serves as an excellent repository for files, project documents, and company literature. Its sleek design complements the professional environment, and its durable construction withstands the hustle and bustle of busy workplaces in Singapore's central business district.
  3. Creative Studios and Workshops: Creative professionals can utilize the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' to store art supplies, portfolios, and reference materials. The heat-resistant surface is ideal for environments where materials like hot glue and cutters are used. Furthermore, the scratch-resistant feature ensures that it maintains its aesthetic appeal.
  4. Educational Institutions: In schools and colleges, this filing cabinet can hold educational materials, lesson plans, and student records. The easy-to-clean surface is a plus in environments where cleanliness is a priority. Particularly in Singapore’s humid climate which can contribute to wear and tear.
  5. Healthcare Facilities: In clinics and hospitals, the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' offers a hygienic storage option for medical records and supplies. The non-porous surface resists stains and is easily sanitized, an essential feature in healthcare settings.

Other Scenarios

  1. Hospitality Industry: Restaurants and hotels can use the cabinet for organizing reservations, menus, and operational documents. The top surface provides a convenient area for displays or a quick workspace for staff.
  2. Retail Spaces: Retailers can make use of the cabinet to organize inventory lists, invoices, and customer records. The cabinet's compact size is particularly beneficial in Singapore's premium retail spaces, where every square foot counts.
  3. Architectural and Engineering Firms: These professionals can store project plans and client files safely in the cabinet. The durable construction means that heavy stacks of paper and reference books can be stored without the risk of collapse.
  4. Legal and Financial Services: For solicitors, accountants, and consultants, the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet' is perfect for organizing case files, financial records, and sensitive client information. The neat and professional look of the cabinet also reflects the professionalism of the service provider.

Each of these scenarios benefits from the 'Compact Office Filing Cabinet's' promise of free delivery and free assembly. Significantly, these are particularly enticing offers in Singapore's fast-paced lifestyle. Furthermore, the promise of efficient office storage is fulfilled in each context. By all means, it proves the filing cabinet to be an indispensable element in creating an organized, functional, and elegant space.