Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet - Mr Nanyang

Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet

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Introducing the "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" – the pinnacle of functionality meets sleek design, perfect for the discerning professional in Singapore. This thoughtfully crafted office desk system brings together all you need for a seamless work experience, whether in a corporate setting or your home office. With free delivery and free assembly services, it's never been easier to upgrade your workspace.

Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet

Key Features:

  1. Laminate Top of Table: The expansive work surface features a high-quality laminate top, available in a variety of top colour options to match your style. Its heat-resistant and anti-scratch properties ensure your office table remains pristine even after extensive use.
  2. Integrated Cable Management: Equipped with an aluminum rectangular cable box. Thus, this office workstation tames the tangle of wires, maintaining an uncluttered and efficient area conducive to productivity.
  3. Metal Frame Leg: The desk boasts a robust square type metal frame with a powder-coated finish for durability. The legs come with adjustable features to adapt to any floor irregularities, ensuring stability.
  4. Mobile Pedestal and Side Cabinet: A mobile pedestal with smooth-operating drawers and an ample side cabinet offers versatile storage solutions. These features help maintain a tidy and organized workspace, which is essential for a work-from-home setting.
  5. Stylish and Functional Design: Melding aesthetics with practicality, the design caters to modern office needs. It offers a side cabinet with an open shelf, two swing doors with aluminum handles, hydraulic hinges, and a lock for security.

Benefits for Singapore Buyers:

  • Free Delivery: No need to worry about transportation. We offer free delivery across Singapore, ensuring that your office table arrives safely at your doorstep.
  • Free Assembly: Our team of experts will assemble your new office desk system at your chosen location. Free of charge, allowing you to use your time where it matters most.
  • Work from Home Ready: The "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" is designed to support the flexibility of working from home. Thus, it blends seamlessly into your home office without compromising on professional utility.
  • Product Description: Certainly crafted for the modern professional. This office desk Singapore favorite not only embodies elegance but also encapsulates the robustness required for daily use. The sophisticated laminate top is resilient to the wear and tear of office life. Hence, with a range of colour options, it's sure to complement any office decor. The meticulously designed office workstation features a metal frame leg construction that promises longevity and firm support.


  • A paramount concern in today's office environment is cable management. Our office desk system addresses this with a built-in solution that keeps your charging cables, computer cords, and power strips neatly tucked away. Subsequently, it promotes a tidy and safe working environment.
  • The office table isn't just about looks; it's also about functionality. The mobile pedestal offers mobility and storage convenience. Also, the side cabinet with its sleek aluminum handle, hydraulic hinge, and lock mechanism provides secure storage space that's easily accessible. These features are ideal for those in Singapore seeking a work-from-home solution that doesn't sacrifice professional needs.
  • Whether you're setting up a new office or optimizing your home office, the "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" adapts to your needs. With its free delivery and free assembly service, it's a hassle-free addition to your workspace.
  • Imagine settling into a workflow on a table that's not only a statement piece but also a powerhouse of efficiency. The office desk Singapore scene is evolving, and this office table is at the forefront. It provides the style and substance that modern professionals demand.

In conclusion, the "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" is an essential investment for anyone serious about their work environment. It's where elegance meets excellence, designed with the professional in mind and tailored to fit the versatile needs of any workspace. Embrace the epitome of work-from-home sophistication and professional-grade practicality with this unparalleled office desk system.

Modern Office Table with Side CabinetModern_Office_Table_with_Side_Cabinet
Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet

Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet: Elevating Productivity in Singapore's Workspaces

In today's fast-paced business environment, the efficiency of your office workstation is not just a matter of convenience; it's a catalyst for productivity. The 'Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet' is meticulously engineered to enhance workflow and elevate labour productivity in any office setting or home office.

This office desk system, complete with a robust metal frame leg and innovative cable management features, is a cornerstone of efficacy for professionals in Singapore.

  • Optimized Workspace for Increased Productivity: Every aspect of this office table has been designed with the user's productivity in mind. The spacious laminate top of the table offers ample room for computers, documents, and office supplies. Thereby, it allows for a well-organized and clutter-free workspace. The variety of top colour options not only increases aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a positive work atmosphere, which studies have shown can boost productivity and mood.
  • Seamless Cable Management: An often-overlooked aspect of office productivity is the time wasted on managing unruly cables. With the integrated cable management system, this office desk Singapore's feature ensures that cables are neatly organized and accessible. Hence, it reduces distractions and frees up desk space. This allows for a more focused and productive work environment. This is essential for 'work from home' professionals who require a seamless transition from home to work tasks.
  • Durable and Functional Design: The desk's metal frame leg supports a clean and modern design. Thereby, it provides a sturdy foundation for daily tasks. Combined with the durable laminate top of the table, the office workstation is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, which means less time and resources spent on maintenance and more on productive endeavors.


  • Storage Solutions for Organized Efficiency: With the included mobile pedestal and side cabinet, this office desk system offers tailored storage solutions. The mobile pedestal glides smoothly on castors, providing accessible storage right where you need it. The side cabinet, equipped with hydraulic hinges and a central locking system, keeps essential files secure and within arm's reach. This ease of access to documents and tools can significantly decrease the time spent searching for items. Thus streamlining work processes.
  • Conducive Work from Home Setting: For those working from home in Singapore, the office table becomes the central hub of professional activity. The 'Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet' mirrors the functionality of an office desk system while fitting beautifully into the home office landscape. This dual capability ensures that professionals maintain high productivity levels, regardless of their work location.
  • Stress-Free Setup with Free Delivery and Free Assembly: Recognizing the value of time for busy professionals. Therefore, this office table Singapore comes with free delivery and free assembly. This hassle-free setup process means businesses can get their operations up and running quickly. At the same time, it reduces downtime and contributes to immediate productivity gains.


The 'Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet' is more than just furniture; it's a productivity powerhouse. Its well-thought-out design, coupled with the robust build and smart storage solutions, makes it an indispensable asset for any workspace. This is for businesses in Singapore seeking to maximize their team's output or for home office professionals aiming to maintain peak productivity. Indeed, this office desk system is the ideal choice.

Embrace the future of work with an office table that's crafted to keep you ahead in the race for efficiency and success.


Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet

Work From Home

Enhance Your Home Office in Singapore with the "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet"

Remote work is becoming more common in our professional lives. In other words, having the right office desk is crucial to productivity and comfort. The "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" offers unparalleled benefits that cater specifically to the work-from-home lifestyle.

  • Customized Workstation for Home Comfort: The home office is a personal space that demands flexibility. This office table's adjustable leg system ensures a perfect fit in any room. It allows you to customize your setup for comfort, which is key to maintaining focus and efficiency throughout the workday.
  • Laminate Top for Durability and Style: Our office workstation features a high-quality laminate top known for its durability and easy-to-clean surface. Undoubtedly, ensuring it stands up to the dual demands of work and home life. Besides, with several top color options, it will suit any interior design, uplifting the ambiance of your home office.
  • Seamless Cable Management: Tangled cables are a nuisance, especially at home. The built-in cable management system of this office desk Singapore standard keeps cords neatly organized. Instead, it reduces clutter and minimizes distractions, allowing for a clearer mind and a more productive workflow.
  • Ample Storage with Side Cabinet and Mobile Pedestal: The side cabinet and mobile pedestal provide generous storage. It makes it simple to keep work essentials organized and within reach. By all means, a must-have for the compact spaces of a home office where every square inch counts.
  • Mobility for Flexibility: With the mobile pedestal, you can easily rearrange your workspace as needed. This flexibility is vital in a home setting, where your office area may need to serve multiple purposes at different times.


  • Metal Frame Leg for Lasting Stability: The robust metal frame leg of this office table ensures stability and longevity. Offers a steady foundation for your home office endeavors. You'll have peace of mind knowing your workspace is built to last.
  • Conducive to Work-from-Home Productivity: This office desk system creates a conducive environment for productivity. Its ergonomic design supports long hours of work without the discomfort that can come from inferior tables. Significantly, this is essential for anyone who works from home. 
  • Free Delivery and Assembly: We understand that time is precious. That's why we provide free delivery and free assembly for your office desk. Thus removing the hassle and letting you focus on what truly matters—your work.
  • A Professional Edge in a Home Setting: Working from home shouldn't mean sacrificing professionalism. This office table gives you the edge with a design that reflects the seriousness of an office desk system while fitting elegantly into your home environment.
  • A Home Office Solution for Singapore: For professionals in Singapore, this office table with side cabinet is more than a piece of furniture. It's a home office solution that promotes organization, wellness, and productivity.

In conclusion, the "Modern Office Table with Side Cabinet" is designed to bring out the best in your work-from-home experience. Its multifunctional design, combined with the right balance of aesthetics and practicality. It makes it the ultimate choice for any home office in Singapore. In general, it provides the professional setup you require to stay productive and balanced in your home workspace.