Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet - Mr Nanyang
Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet - Mr Nanyang

Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet

Mr Nanyang
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Introducing the Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet

Elevate your workspace with the epitome of style and functionality – our Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet. Designed to blend seamlessly into the sophisticated décor of Singapore's dynamic office culture. This l-shape desk not only provides an expansive workspace but also features a wealth of storage solutions. All while offering the luxurious touch of a front cushion with a subtle front curved edge for a modern aesthetic and enhanced comfort.

Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet

Product Specifications:

  1. Overall Dimensions: Main table size is 2000mm in length and 1000mm in width. It ensures ample space for multitasking and executive decision-making.
  2. Side Cabinet Size: A generous 1200x450x770mm cabinet provides structured space for office supplies, confidential documents, and personal items.
  3. Material: Crafted from premium wood-like laminate, this l-shape table boasts durability and ease of maintenance while exuding the warmth and elegance of real wood.
  4. Top Thickness: A robust 42mm thickness top delivers a solid, reliable working surface to bear the weight of various office gadgets and decorative items with ease.
  5. Front Cushion Detail: The front cushion panel adds a touch of executive class while providing additional privacy.
  6. Design Flexibility: The side cabinets are interchangeable from left to right. Nevertheless, it ensures that this l shape study table adapts to your office layout and personal preferences with ease.
  7. Mobile Pedestal: Included is a sleek mobile pedestal that glides smoothly on castors. At the same time, it offers additional storage that's just as flexible as your workday needs.

Unparalleled Convenience:

  • Free Delivery: To offer you a hassle-free experience, we provide free delivery services across Singapore. To ensure that your executive l shape desk arrives at your doorstep with no additional costs.
  • Free Assembly: Our professional team ensures a seamless setup with our free assembly service. Leaving you to enjoy the sophistication of your new workspace without lifting a finger.

Sophisticated Design:

The Signature Executive L-Shaped Table is a harmonious blend of form and function. Its l shape desk singapore-inspired design maximizes office space while promoting a collaborative environment. The front curved feature creates an ergonomic approach to work. And the wood-like laminate finish, promises a timeless appeal, which match a variety of office interiors.

Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet


Manager_Desk Dimension

Optimal Organization:

With an intelligently designed side cabinet and a mobile pedestal, this l shape desk provides an optimal organizational structure. The discreet, modern cabinet allows for secure storage, and the pedestal can be easily relocated for convenience and efficiency.

Tailored for Your Workspace:

We understand that each workspace is unique. The interchangeable side cabinets allow for the l-shape table to be customized to fit both the space and the user's needs. Furthermore, it offers left or right-hand orientation to complement any office setting.

In summary, the Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet is not just furniture; it's a statement of prestige and functionality. Crafted for the discerning professional in Singapore, this table provides an unmatched work experience. It is the epitome of our commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

Walnut Wasari Colour

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The rich, warm tones of walnut wasari bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any office environment. This color can complement both traditional and contemporary office decors.
  • Versatility: The L-shape of the table fits perfectly into corners. At the same time, optimizes office space while providing ample surface area for computers, documents, and other necessary tools.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The spacious tabletop allows for a clutter-free environment, potentially increasing productivity by providing room for organized task management.
  • Durability: The use of wood-like laminate in walnut wasari not only offers the look of real wood. But also, provides resistance to scratches and stains, ensures longevity and ease of maintenance.
  • Storage Solutions: With a built-in side cabinet and mobile pedestal, office supplies and documents can be kept within arm's reach. Reduces time spent searching for items and keeping the workspace tidy.


  • Interchangeable Layout: The ability to switch the side cabinets from left to right allows for a personalized setup. Moreover, it caters to the preferences of both left and right-handed individuals, as well as the specific spatial constraints of an office area.
  • Professional Image: The front cushioned panel adds a unique design element that projects a professional image. Perfect for executive settings where first impressions matter.
  • Comfort: The front curved edge of the table provides a comfortable resting place for the arms and wrists, reducing fatigue during long work sessions.
  • Cost-Effective: With free delivery and free assembly included, the overall cost of procurement and setup is reduced, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to outfit their office with high-quality furniture.
  • Maximizes Floor Space: The L-shaped design is essentially space-efficient, making it possible to create distinct work zones within an open-plan office or to maximize the utility of a smaller office space.

The walnut wasari color of the "Signature Executive L-Shaped Table with Cabinet" offers an appealing mix of aesthetic and functional benefits. That enhances the ambiance and efficiency of an office workspace.