NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine - Mr Nanyang

NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Mr Nanyang
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NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine: The Pinnacle of Crafting Precision

Introducing the "NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine," a marvel in the world of creative design, now available in Singapore with free delivery. Markedly, designed for the passionate creator, the NeedleNinja is the ultimate companion for any sewing project, be it your cozy home in Singapore or a professional atelier.

NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine

State-of-the-Art Embroidery Features

Embark on an embroidery journey like no other with NeedleNinja's advanced image upload capability. At the same time, transform your digital designs into embroidered reality with precision that only the finest embroidery machine in Singapore can provide. Especially paired with the convenience of a mobile app, manage your projects with a few taps on your smartphone.

Seamless Sewing Experience

As a sewing machine that stands out in the Singapore market, NeedleNinja promises a seamless, near-silent horizontal rotary shuttle system, therefore, it reduces noise and increasing efficiency. Quick threading features ensure you're ready to sew in moments, while the automatic thread tension adjustment assures you get the perfect stitch every time.

Brilliant Illumination and Vision

Work in the comfort of three built-in LED sewing lights that cast a clear. Meanwhile, bright light over your sewing area. Moreover, the expansive 7-inch LCD screen offers a user-friendly interface, making it a highly sought-after sewing machine in Singapore's vibrant crafting scene.

Advanced Editing and Connectivity

NeedleNinja is not just any embroidery machine; it's also a hub of creativity with pattern editing functions right at your fingertips. Additionally, the import designs effortlessly through the UBS interface or adjust them on the machine itself.

NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Innovative Feeding and Stitching

Experience unmatched feeding precision with the 7 teeth feeder, ensuring every fabric glides smoothly. Above all, explore the versatility of stitches with functions like the backstitch, one-step lockstitch, and automatic thread cutting – all highlighting the NeedleNinja as the go-to sewing machine in Singapore.

Seamless Connectivity with WiFi and Mobile App Integration

In an age where convenience is king, the "NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine" reigns supreme. Significantly, it offers cutting-edge WiFi connectivity, this embroidery machine seamlessly links to your mobile device, enabling you to control and monitor your sewing projects with our intuitive mobile app.

Explicitly, this innovative feature distinguishes the NeedleNinja as a top-tier sewing machine in Singapore. In addition, it caters to the modern sewist's need for efficiency and smart technology.

Whether you're selecting patterns, starting a new embroidery project, or adjusting settings, do it all from the palm of your hand. The mobile app integration makes the NeedleNinja not just an embroidery machine but a true extension of your creative mind.

Furthermore, enjoy the freedom to design, edit, and perfect your stitches from anywhere, all within your mobile app – a testament to why the NeedleNinja is celebrated as a pioneering sewing machine in Singapore.

Free Delivery Across Singapore

Undoubtedly, we understand that getting your sewing machine in Singapore should be as hassle-free as your sewing. Therefore, with NeedleNinja, enjoy the convenience of free delivery, bringing this extraordinary embroidery and sewing machine directly to your doorstep.


The NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine is not just a tool; it's also a gateway to a world where your creativity knows no bounds. Accordingly, unleash the power of detailed, customized embroidery and precise, effortless sewing with a machine that's built for the artist in everyone. Whether you're in Singapore or beyond, make NeedleNinja your choice and stitch your way to stunning creations with ease and flair.

NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine
NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine


  1. Custom Embroidery Design Upload:

Upload images directly to the NeedleNinja to replicate designs in embroidery.

Advanced software translates images into stitch patterns.

Suitable for personalized or commercial embroidery projects.

  1. Mobile App Connectivity via WiFi:

Operate the machine remotely using a dedicated mobile app.

Edit patterns, start and monitor embroidery, and make adjustments on the go.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices for versatile control.

  1. Three LED Sewing Lights:

Integrated LED lights provide ample illumination.

Minimizes eye strain and improves accuracy on detailed work.

Creates an optimal sewing environment in any lighting condition.

  1. Quick Threading System:

Simplifies the threading process with an easy-to-follow path.

Reduces setup time, allowing for immediate start on projects.

  1. Horizontal Rotary Shuttle:

Ensures smooth and quiet sewing operation.

Promotes even stitch formation and prevents thread jams.

  1. 7" LCD Screen:

Large, clear display for easy navigation and design selection.

Touchscreen functionality for intuitive operation and settings management.

  1. Pattern Editing Function:

Modify existing designs or create new ones directly on the machine.

Resize, mirror, and rotate patterns for custom layouts.

  1. Adjustable Thread Tension:

Manual thread tension control for fine-tuning stitch appearance.

Ensures balanced stitches across different fabric types and weights.

  1. Backstitch Function:

Reinforce the beginning and end of seams with a simple button press.

Essential for securing seams and preventing unravelling.

  1. One-Step Lockstitch:

Executes a secure and tidy lockstitch at the press of a button.

Ideal for finishing off decorative stitching and embroidery.

  1. Automatic Thread Cutting:

Trims both top and bottom threads automatically.

Also, saves time and provides a professional finish to sewing projects.

  1. Automatic Thread Winding:

Effortless winding of bobbins with consistent tension.

Rather, prepares multiple bobbins quickly for extensive projects.

  1. Automatic Bobbin Thread Guide:

Guides thread smoothly and accurately onto the bobbin.

Prevents snags and ensures a smooth start to sewing.

  1. UBS Interface for Pattern Import:

USB connectivity to import designs from external devices.

Expands the creative possibilities with endless design options.

  1. 7 Teeth Feeder:

Finally, superior fabric control with a seven-point feed dog system.


NeedleNinja Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Ensures smooth fabric feed and consistent stitch quality on various materials.

These features collectively make the NeedleNinja an ideal choice for both novice and experienced sewing enthusiasts, offering a blend of traditional sewing functionality and modern technological conveniences. Whether you're executing intricate embroidery, undertaking extensive sewing projects, or simply enjoying the craft, the NeedleNinja stands as a beacon of innovation in the sewing machine market.