Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal - Mr Nanyang

Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal

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Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal: The Ultimate Blend of Style and Functionality

Welcome to the perfect solution for your study and office needs. The "Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal," now available in Singapore, is where sophistication meets practicality. Designed with the modern professional in mind, this study table offers a seamless blend of durability, style, and thoughtful functionality.

Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal

Premium Quality Craftsmanship

Our study desk is crafted from high-quality, E1 grade melamine laminated chipboard, renowned for its anti-scratch and heat-resistant properties. The substantial 25mm table tops are finished with a 2mm PVC edge banding for a sleek, smooth touch that stands the test of time.

Sleek and Modern Design

Echoing the minimalist design of the popular study tables by IKEA, our office table elevates the aesthetic with an added touch of elegance. Available in a range of top colour options. Furthermore, the study table seamlessly integrates into any décor, bringing a modern yet timeless look to your space.

Customizable Dimensions for Every Space

Whether for a compact home office or a spacious corporate environment, our study desk is available in various sizes to suit your needs: 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800mm in width, all standing 300mm tall. It's the versatile office table Singapore has been waiting for.

Optimized Cable Management

Stay organized and productive with our innovative cable management system. Featuring 2 round cable boxes, our office desk ensures that your workspace remains tidy and hazard-free, setting a new standard for the office table Singapore market craves.

Enhanced Privacy and Organization

The study desk comes with a T03 desk screen with an aluminum frame, adorned with fabric and stationery accessories. Paired with a modesty panel, it ensures your privacy while enhancing the desk's visual appeal and functionality.

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Robust Metal Frame Leg

With a sturdy metal frame leg powder-coated for durability and aesthetic appeal, the study table stands on a solid foundation. Also, the supporting bar adds an extra layer of stability, making this the most dependable study table Singapore offers.

Mobile Pedestal for Storage Excellence

Experience ultimate convenience with the 1x3 drawers mobile pedestal. It's a moveable storage solution that locks, keeps your essentials secure, and is complete with aluminum handles for a touch of sophistication.

Customizable and Ergonomic

The study desk features adjustable leg glides, making it perfect for uneven floors. Therefore, this ensures a stable and comfortable workspace, setting a new benchmark for office desks in Singapore.

Free Delivery and Assembly

We understand the value of convenience. That's why we offer free delivery and free assembly for all our office desks in Singapore. Thus, you can start enjoying your new study space with no extra hassle.

Your Ideal Study Companion

Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or simply in need of a high-quality study table in Singapore, our Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Its robust build, exquisite design, and practical features make it the top choice for anyone looking for a study table or office desk in Singapore.

Make the most out of your study or work area with this chic, durable, and functionally superior study table. Moreover, its timeless design ensures that it remains a centerpiece of productivity and style for years to come.


Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal
Home_study_Table_with_ Pedestal
Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal

Discover the Perfect Home Study Table in Singapore

Introducing the "Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal." Designed for the discerning homeowner in Singapore seeking a blend of style, durability, and seamless functionality.

Ideal for creating a productive home environment, this study desk is a testament to the fusion of modern design and practicality.

  • Fits Anywhere in Your Home: Whether you’re carving out a corner in your living room or setting up a dedicated home office. Our study table’s various size options make it a snug fit. From a cozy study nook to a spacious work zone, this office desk adapts to your home’s unique spaces.
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Home Use: Long hours at your home office require a desk that's as comfortable as it is functional. The adjustable leg feature ensures that your study table is always stable and at the right height. At the same time, it is the most ergonomic study table with an with an IKEA-style design but with enhanced personalization.
  • A Touch of Elegance for Your Home Decor: With its sleek metal frame leg and chic table top options, this office table complements any home interior with a dash of elegance. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's also a style statement for your personal space.
  • Clutter-Free Workspace with Superior Cable Management: Keep your home free from tangled wires and clutter. The round cable boxes provide an organized, accessible solution for all your charging and power needs. Further, it’s the prime office desk Singapore homes can benefit from for neatness and safety.


  • Mobile Pedestal: Your At-Home Organizational Partner The mobile pedestal offers a storage solution right where you need it. With lockable drawers, you can secure your work and personal items with ease. Thus, making it the home office desk Singapore residents can trust for security and organization.
  • Safe and Child-Friendly: With its smooth PVC edge banding and rounded corners. Therefore, this study table is safe for homes with children. The robust metal frame ensures stability, so it stands firm even with the most enthusiastic young learners.
  • Free Delivery and Free Assembly for Home Convenience: To make your online shopping experience as comfortable as your new study desk, we provide free delivery and free assembly across Singapore. Hassle-free from order to setup—that’s our promise.
  • Choose Your Color, Define Your Space: Offering some top colour options. You can select a finish that best suits your home’s palette. Match your decor or make a statement—the choice is yours with this versatile study table.
  • A Station for All Your Activities: This isn't just a study table; it's also a hub for all your activities. Whether it’s your kids' crafts, your work-from-home setup, or a space for your creative endeavors. Accordingly, our study desk is up to the task.

In conclusion, the "Elegant Study Table with Drawer Pedestal" is the ideal addition to any home. It meets your needs for a study table. Furthermore, it provides the professionalism of an office table. At the same time, it offers the flexibility and design of a high-end piece of furniture.

Finally, with free delivery, free assembly, and a range of customizable options, it's no wonder this is the office desk Singapore homes are eager to have.