SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table - Mr Nanyang

SmartSpace Office L-shape Table

Mr Nanyang
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SmartSpace Office L-shape Table: The Pinnacle of Professional Workspaces

Transform your professional and home office environment with the "SmartSpace Office L-shape Table." An epitome of design and functionality combined into one seamless office workstation. Designed to meet the demands of the modern-day work-from-home professional and corporate settings in Singapore. This office table is not only an organizational asset but also a statement of style and efficiency.

SmartSpace Office L-shape Table

Elegant Design and Superior Quality

The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table stands out with its high-quality, anti-scratch, and heat-resistant melamine laminated chipboard of E1 grade. Thus, it ensures that the aesthetics of your office desk system remain impeccable over time. Additionally, the 25mm thick table tops are edged with 2mm PVC for added durability and a sleek finish. It promises to withstand the rigorous demands of daily office tasks.

Innovative Cable Management

Dive into an uncluttered mind space with our smart cable management system. The aluminum rectangular cable box neatly houses all your cables. It ensures that your office desk maintains a clean and professional look. Moreover, this feature is essential for both home office and corporate spaces. Thus, this makes it a perfect fit for the office table Singapore and office desk Singapore markets.

Optimized Workspace Configuration

The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table is designed to adapt to your workspace needs. It includes a side table with sizes customizable to 700/800/1000W x480Dx750H, providing ample space for all your office essentials. The office desk's flexibility allows you to maximize your work area, whether you're collaborating with a team or focusing on individual tasks.

Essential Storage Solutions

Keep your office organized with the included 1x3 drawers mobile pedestal. Measuring 400Wx480Dx600H, it comes equipped with three-section rails, an aluminum handle, and a central lock. It provides a secure and convenient storage at arm's reach. At the same time, the 16mm MFC modesty panel with 1.5mm PVC edge banding offers additional privacy and a cohesive look to the office workstation.


Sturdy and Stylish Framework

The foundation of this L-shape office table is a testament to its quality - a powder-coating metal frame with dimensions of 60x30x1.2mm, accompanied by a supporting bar of 40x40x1.2mm. The square type metal frame leg, with its rectangular shape, offers both visual appeal and robust stability.

Versatile and Ergonomic

Adjustability is at the core of the SmartSpace design. The adjustable legs ensure that the table can be customized to your comfort, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of body types and preferences.

A Palette of Possibilities

With some top color options, the laminate top of the table allows for personalization to match your office decor. Select from a variety of shades to customize your workspace to reflect your personal style or corporate branding.

Hassle-Free Experience

We understand that time is of the essence. Hence, we provide free delivery and free assembly for the SmartSpace Office L-shape Table in Singapore. We will ensure that your transition to a better work experience is smooth and cost-effective.


The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table is more than just furniture; it's a productivity powerhouse. With its thoughtful design catered to the evolving demands of work from home and office dynamics, it stands as a testament to what a home office and professional workstation should embody. Elegance, functionality, and durability come together. It offers you a workspace that not only meets your needs, but also inspires your best work.

Invitation to Upgrade Your Workspace Step into the future of work with the SmartSpace Office L-shape Table. Elevate your work experience to unprecedented heights. Choose smart, work smart, be smart.


SmartSpace Office L-shape Table
SmartSpace Office L-shape Table

Maximizing Office Space with the SmartSpace Office L-shape Table

In the landscape of Singapore's dynamic business environment, where every square foot counts, the "SmartSpace Office L-shape Table" is not merely an office desk; it's also a strategic space optimizer. This innovative office workstation has been meticulously designed to enhance productivity while maximizing available office space. Therefore, this makes it a top choice for the office table Singapore and office desk Singapore markets.

1. Strategic L-Shape Design for Ultimate Efficiency

  • The inherent L-shape of this office table is its primary spatial advantage. Nestled comfortably in a corner or used as a focal point in your room. At the same time, it offers an expansive work surface without monopolizing the floor space. The strategic angle of the L-shape naturally fits into corners, turning underutilized areas into active, functional parts of your office.

2. Integrated Storage Solutions

  • The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table features an intelligent storage system. In addition, there is a side table offering customizable dimensions and a 1x3-drawer mobile pedestal. This integrated approach to storage utilizes the vertical dimension. By freeing up floor space while keeping office essentials organized and within easy reach.

3. Elegant and Efficient Cable Management

  • Clutter is the nemesis of a well-organized office desk system. Finally, with the SmartSpace table, cable chaos is elegantly managed with an aluminum rectangular cable box. By concealing wires and plugs, it ensures that they occupy minimal space. Rather, allowing for a clear, distraction-free work surface.

4. Customizable Dimensions for Adaptive Layouts

  • Recognizing that every office and home office has unique space constraints. The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table offers top color options and customizable side table sizes. Whether you’re accommodating multiple workstations in a bustling office or creating a multi-purpose home office. Nevertheless, this desk adapts to your spatial requirements.

5. Structural Integrity with Minimal Footprint

  • The powder coating metal frame leg of the SmartSpace table is designed to offer maximum support with a minimal footprint. Also, the square type metal frame complements the laminate top of the table, ensuring stability and style without imposing on your floor space.

6. Quality That Saves Space

  • With 25mm table tops edged with 2mm PVC and a 16mm MFC modesty panel, the SmartSpace table merges quality and space-saving. These features provide a sleek, compact design, ensuring that every element of the table serves both functional and space efficiency purposes.

7. Free Delivery and Assembly:

  • A Space Planning Advantage To enhance your experience, we offer free delivery and free assembly, a service that respects the value of your time and space. Accordingly, our professionals will assemble the SmartSpace table in your chosen location, ensuring it complements your office layout and maximizes the available area.

8. The Ideal Choice for Work from Home

  • Professionals For those cultivating a productive home office environment, the SmartSpace table serves as an ideal work from home solution. It offers ample workspace while fitting neatly into the corners of a room, providing a professional-grade workstation that blends seamlessly into your living space.

In summary, the SmartSpace Office L-shape Table represents the pinnacle of space-efficient design. For businesses and professionals in Singapore seeking an office desk system that is both space-conscious and conducive to high performance, this desk stands out as an indispensable asset. It's not just about saving space; it's also about expanding your possibilities within it.


Home Office

The SmartSpace Office L-shape Table: Elevating Home Offices in Singapore

In the age where work from home has become a norm, creating a conducive home office is crucial. The "SmartSpace Office L-shape Table" emerges as a beacon of productivity, blending seamlessly into Singapore's diverse array of home interiors. Especially, designed for the discerning professional, it is the epitome of what an office table Singapore and office desk Singapore market demands.

1. A Design That Complements Your Home

  • The SmartSpace desk is engineered to respect the sanctity of your home space. The L shape office table is a stylish addition that complements any room without overwhelming it, providing a substantial work area while preserving the essence of home comfort.

2. Premium Quality for Enduring Appeal

  •  The high-quality, anti-scratch, and heat-resistant melamine laminated chipboard — E1 grade — makes it ideal for the multitasking professional. Moreover, the 25mm table tops are finished with a 2mm PVC edge banding, ensuring that the desk withstands the dual demands of work and home life durability.

3. Customizable to Your Space and Style

  • With some top color options, the laminate top of the table allows you to personalize your workspace to align with your home's aesthetic. Furthermore, the side table sizes can be tailored to fit your specific home office layout, ensuring that no matter the room size, the SmartSpace table offers an optimized setup.

4. Enhanced Productivity with Neat Cable Management

  • The aluminum rectangular cable box is a game-changer for home offices, neatly tucking away cables. Consequently., this cable management system keeps your workspace orderly, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without the distraction of unsightly wires.


5. Smart Storage Solutions for the Home

  • The office desk comes with a mobile pedestal featuring 3 drawers with aluminum handles and a central lock, providing secure, easily accessible storage. This not only declutters your space but also allows you to store personal and professional items separately within the same environment.

6. A Sturdy Foundation for Your Work

  • With a robust metal frame leg and a powder coating finish, the desk’s frame also offers stability without being intrusive — a crucial feature for a home office desk system where space is at a premium. The square type metal frame with its sleek, rectangular-shape adds a modern touch to your home office.

7. Adaptable for the Work from Home

  • Lifestyle Adjustable legs make it a perfect fit for any home office scenario, accommodating your ergonomic needs throughout long work sessions. Above all, this feature, it ensures comfort, which is essential for productivity in a home office setup.

8. Convenience Delivered to Your Doorstep

  • To complement the ease of online shopping, the SmartSpace table comes with free delivery and free assembly — a service especially valued in Singapore, where convenience is key. Therefore, choose a desk that arrives ready for work, just like you.


Whether you are telecommuting, freelancing, or running a business from home, the SmartSpace Office L-shape Table stands out as a smart investment. It’s more than just an office desk; it's a commitment to efficiency, style, and comfort in your home office. For those in Singapore, it's a home office solution that doesn't just promise productivity. In fact, it delivers a premium work experience, right where you live.