Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair - Mr Nanyang

Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Mr Nanyang
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Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Elevate your workspace with the 'Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair', a paragon of ergonomic design and luxurious comfort, now available for discerning professionals in Singapore. With free delivery and free assembly services, this chair is a seamless addition to your office or home study.

Black variant
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Comfort Meets Sophistication

Crafted for the ultimate comfort experience, the Carmello features a unique double-layered construction. The inner soft layer cradles you in comfort, while the external hard layer provides robust support. Secondly, ensuring that long hours at the desk are no longer a discomfort. Finally, this innovative layering, not found in a standard office chair or gaming chair, transforms an ordinary seating experience into one of unparalleled comfort.

Recline and Relax

Our office chair's reclining feature extends up to 120 degrees, presenting a perfect solution for your lunchtime relaxation or a meditative interlude amidst a hectic day. With its smooth reclining mechanism, the Carmello Chair is a versatile choice, easily transitioning from an executive office chair to a temporary restful haven.

Ergonomic Support

Acknowledging the crucial importance of spinal health, the Carmello Office Chair offers four-point spinal support. Its ergonomic design aims to contour with your spine, providing support where it's crucial. Furthermore, preventing the discomfort that can come from prolonged sitting in a subpar office chair.

Soft layer design
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair
back support
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Responsive Comfort

The Carmello's seating is not just about softness; it's about responsive comfort. Encased within the high-quality sponge are springs that add an elastic layer. Moreover, allowing for a 2-3cm sink that adjusts to your movements. This responsive cushioning is the hallmark of an advanced office chair ergonomic design that rivals even the most expensive gaming chairs in Singapore.

Tailored Head and Lumbar Support

Designed with careful attention to detail, the soft headrest molds closely to the cervical spine. Likewise, offering comfort that standard office chairs can't match. Simultaneously, the gentle lumbar support ensures your lower back is safe. Moreover, making the Carmello a superior choice over any conventional study chair or gaming chair.

Aesthetic and Material Excellence

The Carmello is not just a throne of comfort but also a statement of style. Available in both brown and black PU leather options. It can seamlessly blend with any interior décor, be it a high-powered executive suite or a sleek home office. The luxurious PU leather is easy to clean and durable, unlike the typical gaming chair from IKEA.

seat elastic layer
Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Floor-Friendly Mobility

Glide across your office with ease thanks to the PU-wrapped chair wheels, designed to protect your floors from scratches and marks. These premium wheels ensure that your movements are smooth and silent. Lastly, elevating the Carmello above the standard office chair ergonomic offerings in the market.

Responsive comfort

  • Responsive comfort is a core feature of the Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair, which goes beyond the traditional expectations of an office chair. The carefully engineered seating is not solely focused on softness. It's about a dynamic responsiveness that embraces the concept of ergonomic comfort. With a high-quality sponge that nestles a hidden array of springs. This chair introduces an elastic layer that is uncommon in typical office chairs. Furthermore, including those you might find at an IKEA outlet in Singapore.
  • The presence of these springs within the chair's structure is a game-changer. Furthermore, creating a cushioning system that compresses and adjusts anywhere between 2-3cm. This adjustment is not just about sinking into a soft abyss. It's a calculated give that responds actively to your body's weight and movements. It's a feature that you might expect from high-end gaming chairs in Singapore. Also, where precision and adaptability to the gamer's movements are paramount. Yet, the Carmello brings this advanced technology into the office chair ergonomic design.  Lastly, making it a standout addition to any office, gaming setup, or study area.

Here are more reasons!

  • Imagine the usual discomfort from long hours at a desk or in front of a monitor - the Carmello's responsive seating is designed to mitigate that. Whether you're delving into spreadsheets or immersed in an intense gaming session. Likewise, the responsive comfort ensures that your seating experience is second to none. It's this level of comfort that sets the Carmello apart from the standard study chair. Likewise, gaming chair IKEA might offer. Also as it combines the luxurious feel of executive office furniture with the advanced technology of gaming chairs.
  • Moreover, the Carmello is poised to redefine what it means to own an office chair ergonomic design in Singapore. It's not just about having a chair that fits; it's about owning a chair that adapts and responds. The Carmello does just that, providing a seating experience that's tailored to you in real-time. This responsiveness is what makes the Carmello a hybrid, blurring the lines between an office chair. Furthermore, a gaming chair, and a study chair, satisfying the needs of Singapore's diverse and dynamic workforce.

With the Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair, you're not just purchasing furniture; you're investing in your comfort, health, and productivity.

This chair isn't confined to the realms of office use alone; it's equally adept as a gaming chair. Likewise, offering the ergonomic support needed for long gaming sessions. And for students or professionals in Singapore seeking a study chair that offers. Lastly, enduring comfort without sacrificing style, the Carmello stands unparalleled.

As a testament to our confidence in the Carmello's design and quality. In addition, each purchase comes with the added benefit of free delivery and free assembly across Singapore. This commitment ensures that your journey to supreme comfort is as effortless as the chair's reclining feature.

Finally, in the landscape of office chairs, gaming chairs, and study chairs in Singapore. The Carmello's responsive comfort is a testament to ergonomic innovation and luxurious design.


Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair

Work From Home

The Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair presents a multitude of advantages for the work-from-home professional. It seamlessly integrating the comfort and style of a premium office chair with the ergonomic support needed for long hours at the desk. Here's how this chair stands out:

Ergonomic Design for Prolonged Comfort:

  • The ergonomic design of the Carmello office chair is tailored to the needs of remote workers who spend extensive periods seated. Its spinal four-point support and responsive cushioning system. It  ensure that even after hours of work, you remain comfortable and supported, reducing the risk of strain or discomfort.


  • The Carmello transcends the traditional office chair design. It doubles as an efficient gaming chair for those in Singapore who balance work with play. Its reclining feature and plush headrest make it equally suitable for intense gaming sessions, providing the comfort and support that are essential for both concentration and relaxation.

Responsive Comfort:

  • For the study chair seeker in Singapore, the Carmello's responsive comfort adapts to your body's movements, offering a personalized seating experience. This makes it an ideal choice for students or lifelong learners dedicated to hours of studying or research from home.

Quiet Mobility:

  • With PU-wrapped wheels, this chair moves silently across any home surface, making it a considerate choice in shared spaces. The absence of noise and the protection offered to flooring surfaces highlight the chair's adaptability as both a gaming chair and a study chair.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • The Carmello office chair, with its luxurious brown or black PU leather options, adds a touch of sophistication to any home office setup, distinguishing it from a standard gaming chair from IKEA. Its design complements any décor, offering an aesthetic appeal that motivates and inspires productivity.

Health Benefits:

  • The inclusion of a soft lumbar support caters to your lower back, promoting a better posture. This is a critical feature for any ergonomic office chair, ensuring that the transition from office to home doesn't compromise on the well-being of your spine.


  • Embracing the needs of work-from-home professionals in Singapore, the Carmello office chair comes with the added benefit of free delivery and free assembly. This convenience is not often found with gaming chairs or study chairs, where the hassle of assembly can be a deterrent.

Multipurpose Use:

  • Not just an office chair, the Carmello's reclining feature and four-point support system make it an excellent choice for those quick power naps or moments of relaxation between work tasks, offering the multifunctionality that is often sought in gaming chairs and study chairs.

Built to Last:

  • The double layer chair design and the quality materials used in the Carmello ensure durability. This is an investment that promises to outlast the typical study chair or gaming chair found in Singapore, providing value over time.

In the landscape of work-from-home essentials, the Carmello Executive High-Back Office Chair stands out as a versatile, ergonomic, and stylish choice that caters to a variety of needs, from professional tasks to gaming and studying, ensuring that every moment spent in the chair contributes positively to your comfort and productivity.