Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Charisma Wooden Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang

Charisma Wooden Coffee Table

Mr Nanyang
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Introducing the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table: A Timeless Fusion of Elegance and Durability

Elevate your living space with the "Charisma Wooden Coffee Table," the embodiment of sophistication and resilience. This exquisite centerpiece harmoniously blends the rustic allure of solid wood with a modern minimalist aesthetic. Therefore,  making it a perfect addition to any contemporary Singapore home. With free delivery and free assembly services, the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table is not just an acquisition but a seamless experience from purchase to placement.

Charisma Wooden Coffee Table
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Charisma Wooden Coffee Table

Solid Wood, Solid Choice

Crafted from high-quality solid pine, the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table is a testament to timeless craftsmanship. The carbonised wood surface reveals a clear wood grain that exudes natural charm. Its robust construction assures a long-lasting presence in your abode.

This solid wood coffee table's square silhouette offers generous space for your coffee mugs. Also good for favorite reads, and decorative items, grounding your living room with its bold statement.

Carbonised for Character and Quality

The Charisma Wooden Coffee Table undergoes a meticulous fire carbonisation process.  Enhancing the wood's grain and imparting a unique character that cannot be replicated. This technique not only magnifies the beauty of the table but also imbues it with outstanding qualities such as anticorrosive, fire-resistant, and abrasion-resistant properties. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, this table stands resilient against the elements, maintaining its allure for years to come.

Singapore's Finest: Free Delivery & Assembly

We understand the hustle of Singapore living.  Furthermore, we offer free delivery and free assembly for the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table. Moreover, our skilled team ensures that your coffee table arrives promptly and is assembled with precision, allowing you to enjoy your new furniture without any hassle.  Finally, our convenience is matched only by the quality of our products.

Designed for Versatility

The Charisma Wooden Coffee Table's square shape is a versatile design choice, capable of complementing an array of interior styles. Whether your decor leans towards the sleek lines of modern design or the eclectic mix of bohemian flair, this wooden coffee table adapts to your aesthetic with ease.

Sustainable and Stylish

In a world where sustainability is key, the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table is a choice you can feel good about. The use of solid pine ensures that the table is not only durable but also sourced from sustainable forests. Furthermore, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

A Centerpiece That Tells a Story

Each Charisma Wooden Coffee Table tells its own story through the unique patterns of its wood grain. No two tables are exactly alike. Providing you with a one-of-a-kind piece that becomes a conversation starter during gatherings and cozy nights.

Investment in Quality

When you choose the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table, you're investing in a piece of furniture that's built to last. It's solid construction and carbonised finish provide a sturdy, maintenance-friendly surface that stands the test of time and daily use.

Specifications and Care

Measuring a generous square dimension, the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table fits into a variety of spaces. It also provides ample room for your living room essentials. Caring for your coffee table is straightforward. It only needs regular dusting and the occasional wipe with a damp cloth will keep it looking pristine.


Embrace the fusion of functionality and art with the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table. Designed for the discerning customer in Singapore, it brings free delivery, free assembly, and enduring style straight to your door. This is more than just a coffee table; it's a statement of taste, a commitment to quality. Finally , a piece of furniture you'll cherish for years to come.

Discover the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table today and transform your living space into a haven of elegance and comfort.


Charisma Wooden Coffee Table

The fire carbonization treatment

The fire carbonization treatment, inspired by the traditional Japanese technique known as shou sugi ban. This provides several advantages for wooden furniture such as a coffee table:

  • Durability: The carbonization process hardens the wood surface, making it more durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear.
  • Natural Preservation: Carbonized wood is less susceptible to rot, mold, and insect infestations. Thus,  prolongs the life of the coffee table, especially when used outdoors.
  • Weather Resistance: The treatment enhances the wood's ability to withstand various weather conditions. FUrthermore, including sun exposure, rain, and wind, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fire Resistance: The carbon layer acts as a barrier to fire. It reduces the table's flammability and increasing its safety around heat sources.
  • Low Maintenance: Carbonized wood typically requires less maintenance than untreated wood because it resists water and dirt. It is easier to clean and maintain.

More Features for our Charisma Coffee Table!

  • Unique Aesthetics: The carbonization process brings out a rich, deep color and pronounced wood grain, therefore adding a unique and sophisticated look to the coffee table.
  • Eco-Friendly: This method is a natural way to treat wood without the use of chemical preservatives. It is an environmentally friendly choice. 
  • Improved Stability: The carbonization process can reduce the wood's tendency to warp or change shape over time due to environmental factors. 
  • Texture and Tactility: The process can create a slightly textured surface that adds a tactile dimension to the furniture. It enhances the sensory experience.
  • Aged Beauty: Over time, carbonized wood develops a patina that can enrich its appearance. It adds to the table's character and charm.
  • These advantages make fire carbonized wooden coffee tables a compelling choice for consumers looking for a blend of traditional craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, and practical benefits.

Additional Features!

  • Water-based, eco-friendly paints
  • Using water-based, eco-friendly paints for the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table brings numerous benefits. Aligning with both health-conscious choices and environmental sustainability:
  • Low VOC Emissions: Water-based paints contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition they are safer for indoor air quality and reducing the risk of health issues associated with VOC exposure.
  • Quick Drying Time: These paints typically dry faster than oil-based alternatives, allowing for quicker use of the coffee table after painting or repainting.
  • Easy Cleanup: Brushes, rollers, and spills can be cleaned with soap and water rather than harsh chemicals. It simplifies the maintenance process.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Eco-friendly paints are less harmful to the environment. It minimize the release of toxic emissions into the atmosphere during the application and drying processes.
  • Durability: Modern water-based paints are formulated to be as durable as their oil-based counterparts. Thus ensuring that the coffee table's finish can withstand daily use and cleaning.
  • Non-Yellowing: Water-based paints resist yellowing over time, which helps maintain the true color, therefore,  finishes of the coffee table for longer periods.
  • Odorless or Low Odor: The absence of strong solvents reduces the odor during application and drying, making it a more pleasant experience for consumers and painters alike.

More Advantages !

  • Versatility: These paints adhere well to various surfaces and can be used for the coffee table's interior and exterior, maintaining consistency in appearance.
  • Vibrant Colors: Water-based paints offer a wide range of vibrant colors that stay true over time, keeping the coffee table looking fresh and new.
  • Healthier Living Spaces: By reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, water-based paints contribute to healthier living environments, especially important for homes with children, pets, or individuals with chemical sensitivities.
  • Sustainable Practices: Choosing eco-friendly paints reflects a commitment to sustainable practices. Furthermore, it can resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Water-based paints often comply with stricter environmental regulations. Furthermore, making them a future-proof choice as more countries impose regulations on VOC emissions.

By opting for water-based, eco-friendly paints for the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table, consumers enjoy a high-quality, sustainable product that supports healthier homes and a cleaner planet. This responsible choice not only benefits the present but also contributes to a more sustainable future, aligning with the growing global demand for eco-conscious products.


The Charisma Wooden Coffee Table celebrates the inherent beauty of natural wood, complete with its unique features that include the original cracking of wood, knots, scars, and variations in wood grain. Each of these characteristics is a testament to the authenticity of the material because of the story it tells about a wood's life and origins.

It's important to recognize that these are not flaws but rather natural occurrences that add character and individuality to each table. They do not affect the quality or durability of the product. As such, these naturally occurring variations should not be considered defects and do not constitute a valid reason for a return or exchange of the product.

Finally, when you choose the Charisma Wooden Coffee Table, you are embracing the full spectrum of natural wood's beauty, acknowledging that just like in nature, there is a wonderful diversity in patterns and textures, each piece a unique creation.