Classic Comfort Dining Chair - Mr Nanyang
Classic Comfort Dining Chair - Mr Nanyang
Classic Comfort Dining Chair - Mr Nanyang
Classic Comfort Dining Chair - Mr Nanyang

Classic Comfort Dining Chair

Mr Nanyang
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Introducing the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' – where timeless elegance meets modern functionality.

These chairs are a coveted addition to any dining space in Singapore, offering a blend of luxurious comfort and stylish design that is sure to impress.

Classic Comfort Dining Chair

Design & Elegance

Crafted with an eye for detail, the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' features a plush PVC leather seat that provides an upscale look without sacrificing comfort. The soft curvature of the backrest invites guests to sit back and relax. Significantly, making it an ideal choice for both intimate dinners and extended family gatherings. Available in two striking colours, each chair is designed to match various dining room decors.

Materials & Durability

Durability meets design with the chair's robust black sand carbon steel legs, which are expertly engineered for stability. The brass bushing accents not only add a touch of sophistication but also speak to the quality craftsmanship that goes into every chair. The PVC leather upholstery is not only chic but also practical. It offers easy cleanup for spills and the ability to withstand the everyday demands of dining.

Dimensions & Fit

With dimensions carefully chosen for comfort. Each 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' measures 880mm in height, 450mm in depth, 400mm in width, with a seat height of 500mm. These proportions ensure a perfect fit for a variety of dining table height. It allows for a seamless integration into your home.


Free Delivery in Singapore

To make your shopping experience as convenient as possible, we offer free delivery across Singapore. When you choose the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair', you are selecting a stress-free purchase process from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks. These dining chairs can be on their way to you, ready to transform your dining area.

Easy Online Shopping

Our 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' is available online, making it easier than ever to bring contemporary style into your home. With high-resolution images and a secure checkout process, buying dining chairs in Singapore has never been more straightforward. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions or needs you may have during your shopping experience.


Make a statement in your dining space with the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair'. These dining chairs offer a PVC leather touch of luxury with the promise of durability and style. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your home with these stunning chairs. Shop today and enjoy the perfect combination of comfort, style, and practicality delivered directly to your doorstep.

Classic Comfort Dining Chair

In your Dining Room

The 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' has a timeless appeal that complements to a variety of dining room aesthetics. From the minimalist Singaporean abode to the more opulent and lavish households. Whether you're in the market for dining chairs in Singapore or looking to add a touch of sophistication with dining chairs PVC. Certainly, this versatile piece promises to elevate any dining experience.

  • For the Modern Minimalist: In a modern minimalist dining room, the sleek lines and subtle color palette of the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' blend harmoniously with a simplistic design approach. The PVC leather provides a clean look that complements the uncluttered space. While, the brass-accented legs add a touch of luxury without overwhelming the senses. This chair is perfect for those who appreciate the 'less is more' philosophy.
  • For the Contemporary Chic: Contemporary dining rooms often incorporate trendy elements and bold statements. The 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' fits right in with its modern design and stylish brass bushings. The durable PVC leather seats are not only comfortable but also reflect the contemporary desire for materials that are both attractive and practical. With free delivery across Singapore, updating your dining room to stay on trend has never been easier.
  • For the Traditional and Transitional Spaces: Homes with traditional decor that embrace wood tones and rich textures will find the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' to be a refreshing yet harmonious addition. Its classic design nods to traditional aesthetics. While, the modern materials provide a transitional edge that bridges the gap between old and new. It's an ideal dining chair for those seeking to modernize their traditional space subtly.


  • For the Opulent and Luxurious Settings: Luxury homes in Singapore boasting grand dining areas can rely on the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' to match their opulent setting. The PVC leather exudes a luxurious feel. While, the gold accents on the legs provide an understated opulence that complements lavish interiors. Purchasing these dining chairs online also means you get the luxury of convenience, with free delivery right to your doorstep.
  • For the Compact Urban Apartment: Compact dining spaces, common in urban apartments, require furniture that offers functionality without sacrificing style. The 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' with its sleek footprint is an excellent choice for smaller areas. Also, it provides the comfort needed for enjoying a meal without overwhelming the space. Above all, it makes it a smart choice for dining chairs in space-conscious Singapore.

In essence, the 'Classic Comfort Dining Chair' is a timeless piece that promises to adapt to and enhance the dining experience in any home. Emphasizing free delivery, online availability, and the chic appeal of PVC leather. Finally, this chair is an inviting addition for anyone looking to upgrade their dining space in Singapore.