ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang
ProBoard Office Conference Table - Mr Nanyang

ProBoard Office Conference Table

Mr Nanyang
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ProBoard Office Conference Table: The Pinnacle of Professional Collaboration

Unlock the potential of your meeting space with the ProBoard Office Conference Table. The epitome of form and function for discerning professionals in Singapore.

Craftsmanship Meets Functionality

The ProBoard Office Conference Table, available in sizes 1800Wx900Dx750H, 2000W×1000D×750H, and 2400W×1200D×750H. It is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Expertly crafted using high-quality, E1 grade melamine laminated chipboard. Thus, this meeting table withstands the rigors of daily use while maintaining a sleek, scratch and heat-resistant surface. Embrace the seamless blend of durability and contemporary design that stands as a centerpiece in any meeting room.

ProBoard Office Conference Table

Sophisticated Design for Modern Spaces

Each ProBoard table features a robust 25mm tabletop, complemented by a 2mm PVC edge banding. Furthermore, it offers a smooth, comfortable edge and adding an extra layer of resilience. The minimalist aesthetic is punctuated by an aluminum rectangular cable box—a discreet yet highly functional element that enables effortless cable management. Maintain a clutter-free surface for an unobstructed exchange of ideas.

Structural Integrity with Aesthetic Appeal

The conference table's support system includes a powder-coated metal frame with a 60x30x1.2mm profile, enhanced by supporting bars of 40x40x1.2mm. This solid foundation is not just about strength; it's also a statement of style. The Square Type metal frame, supporting a Rectangular shape tabletop, brings a modern industrial charm to your meeting room table. Accordingly, it makes it an integral part of the office décor in Singapore's most forward-thinking firms.

Adaptable to Every Need

In line with the versatile needs of an ever-evolving business landscape, the ProBoard Office Conference Table boasts adjustable legs. Therefore, these allow for height customization to ensure ergonomic comfort for all participants and adaptability to any flooring irregularities.

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

In Singapore, where convenience is key, we ensure that this conference table comes with free delivery and free assembly. Our commitment to service excellence means you receive a ready-to-use meeting table without any hassle. Undoubtedly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your business.

Optimized for Singapore's Finest

Whether you're hosting clients, conducting training sessions, or leading pivotal meetings, the ProBoard Office Conference Table is a match for Singapore's ambitious corporate tempo. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in your company’s image and operational efficiency.

Easy Integration

With three different sizes available, integrating the ProBoard Office Conference Table into any meeting room is effortless. Whether you're outfitting a small collaborative space or a large boardroom, there's a perfect fit.

Experience the ProBoard Difference

Choosing the ProBoard Office Conference Table means investing in a product that reflects the values of your business: excellence, reliability, and sophistication. It’s where ideas converge, decisions are made, and strategies are forged. Let your space be the cradle of success it’s meant to be.

Your Sustainable Choice

The ProBoard Office Conference Table's materials are environmentally sustainable, showing its commitment to sustainability. Subsequently, it ensures your choice aligns with green business practices—a step towards a more sustainable future for Singapore.

A Promise of Quality

Every ProBoard Office Conference Table comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our conference tables. We stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our conference tables. Significantly, it ensures that they meet the high standards expected by Singapore's top professionals.

Make It Yours

The ProBoard Office Conference Table is more than just a meeting table; it's a testament to your company's culture of excellence. Elevate your workspace today with a table that's built for the future of business in Singapore. Free delivery and free assembly—experience the convenience and quality that ProBoard promises.

ProBoard Office Conference Table



The ProBoard Office Conference Table is not just a piece of furniture. Additionally, this platform is versatile and designed to cater to various professional settings.

1. Traditional Conference Rooms

Above all, in the heart of Singapore's bustling business districts, the ProBoard Office Conference Table is the quintessence of professionalism. Similarly, it serves as the focal point for decision-makers, where strategies are crafted and milestones are planned. Further, its robust and heat-resistant surface can withstand the intense discussions and long hours of brainstorming sessions that define corporate success.

2. Creative Workshops and Collaborative Spaces

The modern workplace thrives on collaboration and creativity. The ProBoard Office Conference Table adapts to these dynamic environments, providing a spacious and inviting surface where ideas can flow freely. Creative agencies and startups in Singapore appreciate the cable management features that keep the space organized, facilitating a free exchange of thoughts and digital connectivity crucial for creative work.

3. Shared Office and Co-Working Spaces

As the trend of shared offices and co-working spaces rises in Singapore, the need for flexible furniture is paramount. The ProBoard Office Conference Table's adjustable legs make it an ideal match for these environments, suiting the varying heights and preferences of different users. Hot desking becomes a breeze with this meeting table, which enables individuals or teams to set up their work space quickly and efficiently.

4. Training and Seminars

Educational institutions and corporations often conduct training sessions and seminars that require a versatile meeting room table. The ProBoard Office Conference Table is spacious enough to hold multiple laptops, notebooks, and training materials. Therefore, it makes it the preferred choice for establishments that prioritize learning and development.

5. Client Meetings and Presentations

First impressions matter, especially when dealing with clients. The sleek design of the ProBoard Office Conference Table reflects a company's commitment to quality and modernity. When clients walk into a meeting room in Singapore, the table stands as a symbol of the company's dedication to providing a premium experience.

6. Hot Desking in Flexible Workplaces

The flexible work revolution has taken Singapore by storm, with hot desking becoming a common practice in many offices. Furthermore, the ProBoard Office Conference Table fits seamlessly into this model, providing a stable and stylish work space for temporary employees. With its easy-to-clean surface and durable construction, the table remains pristine, no matter how many different professionals use the space.

7. Boardroom Elegance

For those in Singapore's corporate realm who seek a meeting table that exudes elegance and authority, the ProBoard Office Conference Table is the perfect match. Therefore, it stands as a statement piece in any board room, its metal frame and rectangular shape offering a modern twist on the traditional board room aesthetic.

8. Networking and Social Events

Beyond the workday, the ProBoard Office Conference Table can transform into a hub for networking events and social gatherings. Its sturdy construction and easy maintenance make it suitable for hosting, whether it's for a casual coffee chat or a formal networking session.

In each of these scenarios, the ProBoard Office Conference Table proves itself as a versatile piece that's not just a transaction but an enhancement to any professional space. With free delivery and free assembly service in Singapore, this meeting room table offers convenience and quality, reflecting the efficiency and adaptability required in today's fast-paced corporate environment.

ProBoard Office Conference Table
ProBoard Office Conference Table
ProBoard Office Conference Table


1. High-Quality Materials

  • First, the table is constructed with an E1 grade melamine laminated chipboard, known for its low formaldehyde emissions, making it not only environmentally friendly but also safer for office environments.
  • Also, we treats the surface to be anti-scratch and heat resistant, which ensures longevity and maintains the table’s pristine condition even under rigid daily use.

2. Robust Construction

  • Then, a 25mm thick tabletop provides a solid, durable work surface able to support various activities from paperwork to computer work.
  • The edges of the table are finished with a 2mm PVC edge banding, which not only adds to the sleek design but also serves as a protective bumper to prevent chips and damage.

3. Integrated Technology Management

  • Accordingly, the aluminum rectangular cable box is incorporated into the table design, which allows for easy and organized routing of power cables and computer cords, keeping the tabletop uncluttered.

4. Sturdy Frame and Support

  • The table stands on a powder-coated metal frame, measuring 60x30x1.2mm, ensuring stability and support. Markedly, this frame is resistant to chipping and scratching, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.
  • Additionally, it comes with a 40x40x1.2mm supporting bar, which reinforces the table’s structure, offering extra strength where needed.

5. Contemporary Design

  • Certainly, the Square Type metal frame supports the rectangular tabletop. Thus, it provides a modern silhouette that fits seamlessly into any office decor.
  • Undoubtedly, the design is thoughtfully planned to offer ample legroom and comfortable seating space for all users.

6. Ergonomic Features

  • Adjustable legs are a standout feature, promoting ergonomic practices by allowing the table height to be tailored to the users’ needs, which is essential for comfort during prolonged meetings.

7. Versatile Size Options

  • Above all, it is available in three different sizes: 1800Wx900Dx750H, 2000W×1000D×750H, and 2400W×1200D×750H, the ProBoard Office Conference Table can accommodate small groups to larger board meetings. By all means, it provides flexibility for various room dimensions and functions.

8. User-Oriented Services

  • Finally, free delivery and free assembly services in Singapore remove the hassle of setup and transportation, offering an added convenience for businesses.

Each of these features is not just a specification but a testament to the table's potential to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any meeting or conference room in Singapore. The ProBoard Office Conference Table is engineered for performance, designed for style, and built to last.