Retro Solid Wood Bench - Mr Nanyang
Retro Solid Wood Bench - Mr Nanyang
Retro Solid Wood Bench - Mr Nanyang
Retro Solid Wood Bench - Mr Nanyang

Retro Solid Wood Bench

Mr Nanyang
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The Retro Solid Wood Bench is a popular piece of furniture due to its durability and timeless style. It gives most homes a combination of classics and a modern-style vibe.  It goes well in a simple setting, especially when paired with the Retro Solid Wood Table.

Bench and Table


The style is also unique, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Its leg design gives it a great sense of balance and security. 


Retro Solid Wood Bench

There are several colors available for this bench. It also comes in a smooth and rough texture. The combination of texture and color you can mix and match is vast.

This is advisable as a Lounge Bench. In offices, a sturdy bench is needed to accommodate any weight, given the diversity of people it is intended for. 

It is also perfect as a dining bench. It gives enough room for people to move; therefore, comfort is a priority. 

Another use is a shoe bench. Our daily routine includes getting ready for work or school; thus, a comfortable spot is necessary before leaving home and upon return. 


Sturdy Legs

Another great feature of this Retro Solid Wood Bench is it is easy to clean. It has waterproof paint that protects it from stains such as watermarks. 

Here are more exciting offers for this bench!

  • Firstly, Quality is worth the price. 
  • Secondly, We have a professional team that will assemble for you for free,
  • Finally, Delivery is free if there is a lift and no climbing of stairs. 

Color Options for the Bench:

03 Smooth



04 Smooth 


05 Rough


06 Rough