Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang

Sereno Ivory Coffee Table

Mr Nanyang
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Sereno Ivory Coffee Table: The Pinnacle of Modern Living Room Elegance

Elevate your living room with the "Sereno Ivory Coffee Table," a masterpiece that exudes modern elegance with the functional durability of high-quality MDF. This exquisite white coffee table is not just a piece of furniture; it's also a centerpiece that harmonizes with your lifestyle, providing both form and function in one seamless design.

Modern Coffee Table Craftsmanship

Crafted from the finest MDF, the Sereno Ivory Coffee Table boasts a robust construction that's built to last. Its modern aesthetic is highlighted by a pristine ivory finish. This certainly makes it a standout piece of living room furniture that complements any décor style.

Sereno Ivory Coffee Table
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table and TV Console
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table
Glass Door

Versatile Design for Every Home

As a square coffee table, it offers ample surface area for your daily needs. Therefore, it's perfect for holding your morning cup of coffee, showcasing your favorite books, or displaying elegant ornaments. The Sereno Ivory's clean lines and neutral palette serve as the perfect foundation for your personal style to shine through.

A Seamless Addition to Your Space

We provide free delivery and assembly for our contemporary coffee table to ensure convenience. Allow our professionals to handle the setup, ensuring that your new coffee table is a flawless addition to your home.

An Ivory Touch to Your Décor

The ivory shade of this coffee table Singapore edition brings a bright and airy feel to any space. In short, it's a white coffee table that reflects natural light, enhancing the sense of space in your living room and offering a canvas for a range of color schemes.

Crafted for Singaporean Homes

Designed with the Singaporean homeowner in mind, this coffee table fits seamlessly into compact apartments and spacious houses alike. It's surely a testament to space-saving genius without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Sereno Ivory Coffee Table
Cabinet Door
Sereno Ivory Coffee Table
Cabinet Door Quality

Convenience at No Extra Cost

Experience the luxury of convenience with our free delivery service across Singapore. We ensure that your coffee table arrives promptly and is assembled by skilled technicians who will set it up in your chosen spot, hassle-free.

A Centerpiece for Gathering

The Sereno Ivory Coffee Table isn't just a surface; it's also a gathering point for friends and family. Its sturdy build can handle the liveliness of social gatherings, making it an indispensable piece of your living room furniture set.

Styling Made Simple

This coffee table is a stylist's dream, with its neutral tone offering a backdrop to any theme or decoration. Whether you're dressing it up for the holidays or keeping it sleek and simple, the Sereno Ivory adapts to your needs.

Durability Meets Design

Don't let the elegant design fool you; this MDF coffee table is as durable as it is beautiful. It's resistant to wear and tear, subsequently making it a practical choice for families and a long-lasting addition to your home.

The Perfect Match

Pair the Sereno Ivory Coffee Table with our matching TV console for a cohesive and stylish living room set. Together, they certainly create a unified look that will impress guests and make your living space feel complete.

Sereno Ivory Coffee Table
Glass Door Dimensions


Incorporating the Sereno Ivory Coffee Table and TV Console into your living room is not just about placing furniture. It's also about creating a cohesive and stylish environment that reflects modern living at its best. Here's how to seamlessly integrate these pieces into your space:

Start with a Strong Foundation

Begin by positioning the Sereno Ivory Coffee Table as the anchor of your seating area. This modern coffee table, with its crisp white finish and square shape, offers both functionality and a touch of elegance. As a central piece of living room furniture, it invites guests to gather, relax, and enjoy the space.

Harmonize Your Decor

The Sereno Ivory TV Console can act as the perfect complement to your coffee table. Place it along the most visible wall to create a focal point that balances the room. Its sleek white finish and clean lines echo the design of the coffee table, therefore bringing a harmonious look to your living room.

Maximize Functionality

With free assembly offered, you can have both the coffee table and TV console set up with precision and care. These pieces not only add aesthetic value but are also practical additions to your home.

  • The TV console provides ample storage
  • The Coffee Table offers the perfect spot for drinks, books, or decorative items.

Free Delivery for Effortless Style

Take advantage of the free delivery service to bring the Sereno Ivory collection into your home without the added stress of transportation. Both the coffee table and TV console will be delivered to your doorstep, making your online shopping experience in Singapore hassle-free.

Create a Cohesive Look

Use the Sereno Ivory Coffee Table and TV Console to unify your living room's decor. Their matching designs and colors allow for a variety of decorating styles. For example, add color with accessories like vases or books to make the white finish of the furniture stand out.

Embrace the Minimalist Aesthetic

The minimalist design of this modern coffee table and TV console set serves as a blank canvas for your interior design aspirations. These pieces will certainly blend in seamlessly with any home decor, complementing bold or subdued colors alike.

Opt for Quality and Convenience

When searching for a coffee table Singapore-based retailers might offer, the Sereno Ivory stands out not only for its design but also for its construction. Made from high-quality MDF, it promises durability and longevity, ensuring that your investment is both stylish and smart.