Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang
Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table - Mr Nanyang

Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table

Mr Nanyang
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Elevate your living space with the exquisite Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table. This masterpiece of modern design seamlessly blends form and function, offering not just a beautiful piece of furniture but a practical solution to your living room needs. Whether you're looking to refresh your home décor or add a touch of elegance to your interior, this coffee table is the perfect choice.
It's designed to stand out, with high-quality materials and thoughtful craftsmanship that ensures durability and style.

Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table

Exquisite Sintered Stone Tabletop

At the heart of the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is its stunning tabletop, crafted from premium sintered stone. This material is known for its durability. Resistance to scratches and stains. And finally, its ability to withstand high temperatures. Similarly, the sintered stone top mimics the luxurious look of natural marble, featuring intricate veining and a glossy finish that catches the light beautifully.
This makes it an ideal centerpiece for all living rooms because it emphasizes a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Elegant Lacquered Cabinet

Beneath the sophisticated sintered stone surface lies a meticulously crafted cabinet finished with high-quality lacquer. This finish not only provides a smooth, glossy appearance but also gives an additional layer of protection to the wood, ensuring longevity. Furthermore, the clean lines and minimalist design of the cabinet make it a versatile addition to any interior style, from contemporary to traditional.

Sturdy Metal Stand

TheSintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is supported by a sturdy metal stand, which ensures stability and durability. The metal stand complements the overall design with its sleek, modern look, providing a perfect contrast to the natural stone and lacquered wood. This combination of materials makes the coffee table not only stylish but also robust, capable of handling daily use with ease.

Practical Storage Solutions

One of the standout features of this coffee table is its practical storage capabilities. With four spacious drawers integrated into the design, you can easily keep your living room organized and clutter-free. Meanwhile, these drawers are perfect for storing magazines, remote controls, coasters, and other living room essentials.
Significantly, the seamless design of the drawers means they blend perfectly with the rest of the table, maintaining a sleek and clean look.

Perfect Dimensions

TheSintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is designed with perfect dimensions to fit into any living room space. Measuring 1300mm in length, 700mm in width, and 425mm in height. It indeed offers ample surface area without overwhelming the room. Also, the size is ideal for pairing with sofas and lounge chairs, providing a convenient surface for drinks, snacks, and decorative items.

Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table

Key Features

  • Premium Sintered Stone Top: Durable, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant.
  • Lacquered Cabinet: Smooth, glossy finish with added protection.
  • Sturdy Metal Stand: Provides stability and a modern aesthetic.
  • Four Spacious Drawers: Practical storage for a clutter-free living room.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Sized to fit comfortably in any living room.

Why Choose the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table?

1. Durability

The sintered stone tabletop is incredibly durable, making it ideal for everyday use. Unlike natural marble, it is scratches and stains resistance. By all means, it can withstand high temperatures. This means you don't have to worry about placing hot drinks or food directly on the surface.
The lacquered cabinet and sturdy metal stand further enhance the durability of the table, ensuring it remains a centerpiece in your home for years to come.

2. Style and Elegance

The combination of sintered stone, lacquer, and metal creates a visually stunning piece of furniture that exudes elegance and sophistication. The table's design is versatile enough to complement any décor, whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional style. Accordingly, the intricate veining on the sintered stone top adds a unique touch, making each table one of a kind.

3. Practicality

With its four spacious drawers, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table offers ample storage space to keep your living room essentials organized. In fact, the drawers are seamlessly integrated into the design, maintaining the table's sleek and clean appearance. This practical feature makes the coffee table not only beautiful but also highly functional. Above all, it provides a clutter-free living environment.

4. Ideal for Various Spaces

The Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is perfect for various living spaces, from spacious living rooms to cozy apartments. Its functional qualities and exquisite appearance make it an adaptable piece that can be used to accent any interior. Whether you're having guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home, this coffee table provides the perfect blend of style and functionality.

5. Free Delivery in Singapore

We offer free delivery for the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table across Singapore. Whether you're in the bustling city center or the serene suburbs, you can enjoy the convenience of having this beautiful coffee table delivered right to your doorstep without any additional cost. Our delivery service ensures that your coffee table arrives in perfect condition, ready to beautify your living space.

6. Comparison to Other Coffee Tables

When compared to other coffee tables available in Singapore, such as those from IKEA, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table stands out for its premium materials and unique design. Although IKEA offers a range of affordable and functional options, this Coffee Table provides a level of luxury and sophistication that is unmatched.
Its sintered stone top, lacquered cabinet, and metal stand offer a combination of durability, elegance, and practicality that makes it a superior choice for discerning customers.


The Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's also a statement of style and elegance. With its premium materials, practical storage solutions, and stunning design, it's indeed the perfect addition to any living room. Whether you're looking for a coffee table with storage or with drawers, or a stylish centerpiece for your home, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is the ideal choice.

Transform your living space with the elegance and functionality of the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table. Order now and enjoy free delivery across Singapore. Enhance your home with a coffee table that offers both beauty and practicality and experience the luxury of sintered stone in your living room.

Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table

Scenarios for Using the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table

The Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is a versatile and stylish addition to any living space. Here are some scenarios in which this elegant coffee table can enhance your home:

1. Enhancing a Modern Living Room

In a modern living room, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table serves as a striking centerpiece. Its sleek design and luxurious sintered stone top complement contemporary furniture and décor. The spacious surface is perfect for displaying decorative items, art books, or fresh flowers, adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

2. Hosting Guests

When hosting guests, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table becomes an essential piece for serving drinks and snacks. The heat-resistant sintered stone surface ensures that hot beverages can be placed directly on the table without worry. The ample surface area allows for an array of appetizers, making it easy to entertain in style.

3. Organizing a Small Apartment

In smaller living spaces or apartments, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table provides valuable storage solutions. With its four drawers, it helps keep the living area tidy by storing magazines, remote controls, and other everyday items. It's the perfect option if you want to maximize space because of its tiny yet practical design.

4. Complementing a Minimalist Interior

For those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, this coffee table fits seamlessly into a clean and uncluttered space. Its understated elegance and simple lines enhance the minimalist look, while the storage drawers keep personal items out of sight, maintaining a serene environment.

5. Displaying Art and Collectibles

Art collectors and enthusiasts can use the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Tabletop showcase their favorite pieces. The expansive, glossy surface highlights sculptures, vases, and other collectibles, making them focal points in the living room.

6. Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook with the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table as the central element. Pair it with a comfortable armchair and a stylish lamp. Use the drawers to store your favorite books and magazines, keeping everything you need within easy reach.

7. Family Movie Nights

The Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is perfect for family movie nights. The large surface can hold bowls of popcorn, drinks, and snacks, while the drawers can store DVDs, remote controls, and other entertainment essentials. It ensures everything is organized and at hand, making movie night more enjoyable.

8. Working from Home

For those working from home, the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table offers a convenient and stylish workspace. Its sturdy surface can hold a laptop, documents, and other work materials, while the drawers provide storage for office supplies. It creates a productive environment within the comfort of your living room.

9. Crafting and Hobbies

Use the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table for crafting and hobbies. The durable surface is ideal for various activities, such as knitting, drawing, or assembling models. The drawers keep your supplies organized and easily accessible, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

10. Play Area for Kids

Lastly, transform the Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table into a play area for kids. For children's activities, its sturdy construction can tolerate wear and tear. The drawers can store toys, games, and coloring books, keeping the living room tidy and providing a dedicated space for playtime.

In Summary

The Sintered Stone Aura Coffee Table is a versatile piece of furniture that adapts to various scenarios, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your living space. Whether you're entertaining guests, organizing your home, or creating a cozy nook, this coffee table is designed to meet your needs. Order now and enjoy free delivery. Undoubtedly, it makes it even easier to add this elegant piece to your home.