WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal - Mr Nanyang

WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal

Mr Nanyang
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WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal: Your Premier Office Cabinet Choice

Upgrade your workspace with the impeccable "WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal," an outstanding metal cabinet that fuses top-notch functionality with ease of mobility. As the quintessential mobile filing cabinet, it is therefore,  tailor-made to refine any office interior with its state-of-the-art design and unparalleled utility.

WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal
Black Variant
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal

Exquisite Office Cabinet Design

Crafted with precision, the WorkMate under-desk filing cabinet showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures that each metal cabinet is built to serve the demanding pace of contemporary workspaces. The robust construction guarantees longevity, while its sleek design elevates office aesthetics. Whether placed in a corporate building or a home office, this filing cabinet is engineered to blend seamlessly with the dynamic office furniture landscape of Singapore.

Streamlined Storage with a Versatile Drawer Pedestal

Organization is key in any work environment, and the WorkMate mobile pedestal excels in this aspect. The thoughtful arrangement of three drawers offers organized compartments for all your office essentials. The top drawer, equipped with a lock, is perfect for safeguarding personal items and sensitive documents. Below, two larger drawers provide generous space to file away important paperwork, ensuring that your workspace remains orderly and efficient.

Pen Tray
WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal

Unmatched Mobility with Office Storage Solutions

The WorkMate under-desk drawer isn't just a static piece of furniture; it's a dynamic part of your daily workflow. Fitted with smooth-gliding casters, it promises effortless movement across the office floor. Its agile design allows you to rearrange your office layout with ease or collaborate with colleagues without the constraints of traditional, immobile filing systems.

Free Delivery & Free Assembly – Our Commitment to Service 

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled convenience with our free delivery and free assembly services for the WorkMate mobile filing cabinet. We value your time and strive to provide a seamless shopping experience, from browsing online to setting up the product in your office space in Singapore.

Security You Can Trust

The WorkMate metal cabinet doesn't just organize—it protects. The integrated lock system ensures that all three drawers are secure, providing you with the peace of mind that your confidential files and personal belongings are safe.

Desk Organizer – A Place for Everything

Maximize your desk space with the WorkMate mobile pedestal. Designed to serve as an efficient desk organizer. Firstly,  it eliminates clutter and enables you to focus on what truly matters—your work. Secondly, its compact size allows it to fit neatly under most desks, making it a smart solution for any office setup.

Leading the Way in Office Furniture Singapore

Our dedication to excellence has established us as a leader in office furniture in Singapore. The WorkMate filing cabinet exemplifies this dedication, therefore, combining elegance, durability, and practicality to meet the needs of modern professionals.

Sustainable Choice

Embrace sustainability with the WorkMate mobile pedestal, constructed from high-quality, recyclable materials. Finally, by choosing this product, you're making an eco-friendly decision that contributes to a greener office environment.


The "WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal" is more than just an office cabinet; it’s a testament to our philosophy of combining practical design with customer-centric services. With free delivery and assembly in Singapore, it stands out as a smart, secure, and stylish solution for all your office storage needs. Elevate your workspace today with WorkMate—a brand that represents reliability and innovation in office organization.


WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal


Let's delve into the advantages of each color option for the "WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal," weaving in the key SEO phrases to maintain search engine relevance.

Black WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal: Professionalism and Power

The black version of the WorkMate mobile filing cabinet exudes sophistication and authority. In addition, it makes it the perfect addition to an executive suite or any workspace where making a strong impression is key. Moreover, the color black is often associated with professionalism and has a grounding effect, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a variety of office furniture styles in Singapore.

  • Visual Consistency: A black metal cabinet often signifies timeless elegance and can seamlessly integrate with other office storage units and desk organizers.
  • Stain Resistance: Black furniture is forgiving when it comes to stains, smudges, or fingerprints, ensuring that the office cabinet maintains its pristine appearance with minimal maintenance.
  • Versatility: This color is versatile in its ability to match well with multiple office decors, making it a universal fit for corporate, creative, or home office settings.

White WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal: Clarity and Freshness

A white under-desk drawer brings a sense of clarity and openness to the workspace. It reflects light, brightens up the area, and can have a positive impact on mood and productivity. Besides, it is essential for any office environment in Singapore.

Space Enhancement: White office furniture can make smaller offices appear larger, thus contributing to a more expansive feel within the workspace.

Modern Appeal: White is often associated with modern design and can provide a contemporary edge to your office cabinet selection.

Free Delivery and Assembly: Pairing the crisp aesthetic of white office furniture with the convenience of free delivery and assembly service. Furthermore, it emphasizes a hassle-free and clean start for setting up your office space.

Grey WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal: Balance and Neutrality

Grey mobile pedestals strike a perfect balance between the extreme contrasts of black and white. It is a color that exudes neutrality and adapts to various office settings. Furthermore makes it a versatile choice for the discerning professional.

Trendy Neutrality: Grey is a trendy choice that can tie together different color schemes within an office. It also offers a balanced backdrop for other design elements to stand out.

Flexibility: It can be placed in a creative agency or a more traditional office setting. Nonetheless, a grey under-desk filing cabinet can adapt to the aesthetic and functional needs of the space.

Subtle Professionalism: Grey maintains a professional look without dominating the space. Lastly, it is ideal for collaborative environments where teamwork and harmony are a priority. 

Each color of the WorkMate mobile pedestal series has a design that meets the diverse needs of offices in Singapore. Furthermore, it offers a unique set of advantages to suit various design preferences and functional requirements.

It comes with free delivery and free assembly services. In addition,  these metal cabinets are not only a practical solution for office storage but also an aesthetic choice. It also enhances the overall look and feel of your workplace.


Personalizing a workspace can greatly enhance the enjoyment and comfort of using it. Here are some creative ways to add personalized trinkets and accessories to the "WorkMate Lockable Mobile Storage Pedestal" to make it more fun and inviting:

Magnetic Poetry or Quotes 

Use magnetic words or letters to create inspiring quotes or messages on the metal surfaces of the cabinet. This not only decorates the cabinet but also gives a personal touch that can be changed regularly.

Custom Drawer Liners:

Line the drawers with personalized liners. These could be vibrant patterns, favorite photographs, or even hand-drawn artwork. Nonetheless, hidden personalization is a delightful surprise every time a drawer is opened.

Decorative Knobs and Handles:

Swap out the standard drawer handles with custom knobs. Furthermore, there are countless designs available, from vintage to modern, quirky to elegant, that can reflect personal style.

Magnetic Photo Frames:

Display family photos, pet pictures, or memorable snapshots on the sides of the cabinet using magnetic frames. This also adds a homely feel to the office space.

Sticky Note Art:

Create pixel art or simple murals on the side of the cabinet using colorful sticky notes. In addition, this can be a fun group activity that also adds a pop of color to the office.

Washi Tape Designs:

Use washi tape to create designs or borders on the cabinet. It’s easy to apply and remove, thus, allowing for frequent updates to the design without damaging the surface.

Clip-on Accessories:

Attach clip-on desk organizers or pen holders to the edges of the cabinet drawers to add functionality and personal flair.

Theme-Based Decals:

Apply removable vinyl decals that represent a personal hobby, favorite movie, book, or travel destination. Also, these can be easily switched out for new designs as preferences change.

Chalkboard Labels or Paint:

Use chalkboard labels or paint a section with chalkboard paint to create an erasable writing surface. Lastly, It’s perfect for jotting down to-do lists or doodling during breaks.

Planters or Vases:

Magnetic or suction-cup planters and vases can be attached to the cabinet. In addition, it can also hold small plants or flowers, adding a touch of nature to the workspace.

When adding these personalized touches, it’s important to consider the office environment. Moreover to ensure that the personalization is appropriate for the workplace. These customizations not only make the mobile pedestal more fun but also encourage a creative and lively atmosphere in the office.